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Chest pads are also commonly referred to as chest protecters. Chest pads serve as protection for the chest, shoulders, and back by covering them with padding surrounded by a hard outer shell. To buy chest pads you need to first size and fit them correctly. From there you can either order them online, or at a sporting good store.

Step 2

To properly fit the chest pads 2 different approaches can be taken. The first approach would be to go to a sporting good store and have someone familiar with it fit you properly. You could as do it at home by following these steps. Measure your chest length (in inches and centimeters) by taking a tape measure and measuring the front of the chest. Record this number and then make another measurement by taking the tape measure and circling the chest and back at the thickest point. Record this number as well. These measurements can be used at a local store, or used when buying chest pads online.

Step 3

Purchasing the chest pads at a store will allow for the best fitting; due to a professional helping you size the chest pads. You can also buy chest pads online. Your measurements will be needed to complete the purchase. Usually the website will have a listing of measurements that will demonstrate which size of chest pads to buy.

Step 4

Its a personal preference of which brand and company of chest pads to buy. All pads are constructed nearly the same but the material used may be different form one another. The more expensive shoulder pads will have a more durable material and will last longer. Also, more expensive shoulder pads fit and feel more comfortable. Buying the more expensive pads should be considered.

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Sizing and fitting is very important. Take the measurements seriously.

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