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The first step to deciding to buy a back pad is determining if the position you play would benefit from it. The back pad decreases the chance for a back injury by covering the back with an extra piece of padding that extends from the bottom of the shoulder pad. Linemen tend not to wear these due to the lack of hitting in the back area they receive in a game.

Step 2

The back pad is extended from the original shoulder pad. Usually you would want to buy the back pad from the same company the shoulder pad is made from, this ensures proper fitting to the shoulder pad.

Step 3

Before purchasing a back pad, first measure the distance from the bottom of the shoulder pad to your tail bone. This should be done while your shoulder pads are on. You may need someone to help make this measurement.

Step 4

The length of each individual pad may differ and should considered when buying them. The different lengths measure in height rather than width. You don't want a pad that is to long and hangs below your tail bone. This will use cause discomfort and nagging.

Step 5

Each company nearly makes the same quality of padding. These pads tend not to rip because the padding faces the body. Purchasing a less expensive could save some money.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Fitting is very important. Make you you measure correctly from the bottom of the shoulder pad to your tail bone. This will only increase your amount of protection on the back area.

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I have never used a back pad due to the positions I have played in the past. The are very popular within skilled positioned players. These positions would include ever position besides both offensive and defensive linemen.

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