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There are several keys to executing a good crossover. First we are going to talk about the two different types of crossovers then we will transition into talking about how to execute these manuevers.

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The two types of crossovers are simply the short crossover or the long crossover. Players like Allen Iverson have made the long crossover famous. This is the type of crossover that requires the ball handler to take the basketball at shoulder level and perform a sweeping movement to the other side of their body until the ball end up in the opposite hand (usually at shoulder level). In contrast the short crossover is a much quicker movement in which the ball handler will start the ball near his hip and this quickly sweep the ball to his opposite hand. Players like Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams use the quick crossover to beat their opponents.

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Regardless of whether you are attempting a long or short crossover, there are several key principles that will make a crossover effective.

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First, sell the crossover with your body. The ball handler must make the defender think they are going to drive in one direction. As soon as the defender commits to stopping the ball handler from proceeding in that direction the ball handler can quickly cross the ball over and go in the opposite direction. If the defender thinks you are going to drive the ball a certain way, this will cause him to lose his balance and quickness as he struggles to change directions.

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Second, sell the crossover with your eyes. As you approach a defender, you should not stare directly at the ball but should focus you gaze down the court so that the defender is unsure of what you are going to do. With your eyes focused down the court the defender might think you are going to pass the ball to a teammate or stop and shoot a jump shot. Your eyes can be very deceptive to an stingy defender.

Step 6

Lastly, sell the crossover by changing speeds. If you are always traveling at the same speed it will be easy for any defender to guard you. However, if you change your speeds and change your direction, it will be much more difficult for a defender to stay in front of the ball. The uncertainty caused by a change in speed and direction will always give the advantage to the offensive player.

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