How to Do a basketball chest pass

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Step 1

Find a solid wall or a willing partner to practice your chest passes with.

Step 2

If you have a partner each of you should line up on opposite sides of the lane line to start the drill. As you progress further into the drill you and your partner can start to take steps away from each other in order to lengthen the distance of your chest pass (if you are throwing the ball against a wall, then just move back a step after you have thrown a few passes at a certain distance).

Step 3

There are several keys to a good chest pass. The first is that you always need to step toward your target. It does not matter what foot you step with, but make sure you feel comfortable with either foot that you choose. Your foot should always point the direction that you want the ball to travel.

Step 4

The second key is that a good chest pass always has backspin on it. The backspin on a chest pass is created by gripping the basketball on its two sides and flicking your wrists so that your palms turn outward and your thumbs point down to the ground. This should create the necessary force and spin that will help the ball spin backward. The chest past should always be thrown from the chest and should hit your partner in the chest. Practice at varying distances with your partner, and you can even practice while on the move. To practice on the move, run parallel to your partner and deliver chest passes back and forth until you reach the end of the court.

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I have been snapping chest passes since I could hold a basketball, it is one of the most fundamental parts of basketball and every player should learn to master the art of the chest pass.

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