How to Order Custom Basketball Shoes

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Step 1

Nobody does custom basketball shoes better than Nike. The first step is to log onto where you can start the process of creating your very own custom basketball shoe.

Step 2

Once you navigate to the basketball section of the Nike ID webpage you will be greeted by a variety of options. You have the choice to customize your choice of over 15 different styles of shoes. Some of these styles include (but are not limited to), Kobe VII, Hyperdunks, KD IV, etc. Choose the basic model for the shoe and start creating!

Step 3

One you have decided on the style of the shoes you proceed through 11 different steps that help create the shoe you've always wanted here are the steps in order...

Step 4

Step 1: Choose a base color

Step 5

Step 2: Choose a midsole color and a system. The systems available are either the basic shoe construction, or your can purchase the Hyperdunk+ Sport Pack which tracks and measures your movement on the court whenever you wear the shoe. The sport pack links to a free downloadable app which tells you how high you jump, how fast you run, and your overall performance in a given workout period. This system adds $110.00 to the shoe.

Step 6

Step 3: Choose a quarter color (this consists of the tongue and side panels of the shoe)

Step 7

Step 4: Choose dynamic flywire color (the etching on the side of the shoe).

Step 8

Step 5: Choose the Nike swoosh color.

Step 9

Step 6: Choose the heel color.

Step 10

Step 7: Choose the Nike heel swoosh color.

Step 11

Step 8: Choose the shoelace color.

Step 12

Step 9: Choose a lining color.

Step 13

Step 10: Choose an outsole. You can select from either a solid, translucent, glow in the dark, or XDR outdoor soles depending on your needs.

Step 14

Step 11: Tongue ID. You can have your name, team, or personal logo embroidered on the tongue of the shoe.

Step 15

Order your shoes and walk out into the court in style!

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I wear size 14 shoes which make it extremely difficult to find shoes that fit me. Most retail stores do not carry shoes in my size so I have to resort to the internet to find shoes that fit my feet!

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