How To Dribble a Basketball Better

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Step 1

Take your basketball and find a court (indoor or outdoor will do) or a piece of concrete. The greatest thing about working on your ball-handling is that you can improve your skill almost anywhere or anytime.

Step 2

One hand power dribbling drill. The best dribblers are the people who have developed their muscles to learn to put force into the basketball at all times. Those who dribble with more force usually exhibit better control. To practice this part of dribbling you should start with the ball in your right hand and bounce the ball so that it reaches the level of your shoulder. You should do 10 dribbles at that height making sure to pound the ball into the floor. Next do 10 more dibbles at waist height in the same manner. Then 10 more dribbles at your knees and ankles the same way. Then repeat the exercise starting with the dribbles at your ankles and working your way back up to your shoulders. Repeat the same drill several times then switch to your left hand.

Step 3

Windshield wipers can be completed when you dribble the ball in front of you with the same hand, alternating pulling the ball and pushing the ball. This in-and-out motion helps you to learn to control the ball when dribbling from side to side. You can do windshield wipers at alternating heights similar to the "One hand power dribbling drill". After you have completed your front windshield wipers you can do the same drill on the side of your body. In this drill you will push the ball forward and pull it back continuously. Perform the same pattern that you did with the front windshield wipers.

Step 4

Body circles. Start by circling the around your head as quickly as you can. After you have completed 10 rotations move the ball down to your waist and do 10 more circles. Once that is complete move down to your ankles and do 10 more circles. Once you get the hang of the first few rotations you can do one rotation around your head and then quickly move to your waist and then down to your ankles. Ascend and descend up and down your body as fast as you are able to.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Start these drills slowly and at a pace that you can handle. As you become more skilled you will be able to improve your speed, thus improving your ball-handling skills.

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I have been doing ball-handling drills since I started playing the game at the age of 5. Not everyone has the ability to run fast or jump high, but everyone has the opportunity to become a skilled dribbler. All it takes is a little bit of hard work and knowledge of a few simple drills.

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