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Get warmed up. Although speed and agility work is not always an intense cardiovascular workout, the repeated pounding and side to side movements make it so that your muscles should be limber before you begin exercising. Be sure to focus on getting your calves loose in preparation for this type of workout.

Step 2

Start with the speed rope. Take your speed rope and get warmed up by doing three separate sets of a hundred jumps with the rope. Your feet should not come more than a few inches off the ground and you should focus on trying to increase your speed as you progress in each set. After your three initial sets are completed, it is time for single leg jumps. Start by doing 50 jumps on your right leg and then switch and do 50 jumps with only your left leg. When you have completed a hundred jumps take a 20 second break and repeat the exercise. Once you have done six sets you can take a two minute break. The last exercise with the speed rope is what are called "double unders". Double unders are when you rotate the rope under your legs twice in the course of one jump. This requires you to jump higher and move the rope faster than you would if you were only doing single jumps. The goal is to eventually be able to do three sets of a 100 consecutive double unders. In order to work your way up to that level, start with a manageable goal (say around 20) and try to get three sets of 20 without messing up.

Step 3

Set up the speed hurdles in a straight line with about two feet of space in between each hurdle. Start at the first hurdle and jump with two feet over ever hurdle being sure to "stick" each landing in between each hurdle. When you train your body to land firmly you are reinforcing your body's ability to control its movements and you are working on balance. Second, start at the beginning of the hurdle and jump with your right foot in between each hurdle. The goal of this drill is to get off the ground as quickly as possible so as to increase your timing and explosion. Do the same drill with your left foot and complete 3-5 sets of these jumps per foot. Lastly, turn your body sideways so that your hips are pointing towards the hurdles. Then complete your one footed jumps while keeping your body parallel to the hurdles. This drill strengthens your hips and works on your stabilizing muscles. Do 3-5 sets per foot.

Step 4

Cool Down. Make sure you take the proper time to stretch in order to help your muscles recover. Repeat this workout 4-5 times a week in order to start seeing results. The speed rope helps not only in foot speed but helps your hands become quicker as well. The hurdles will help your explosions, timing, and lateral quickness.

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Depending on your level of athleticism will determine how high of hurdles you decide to purchase. If you are just starting out, then don't be afraid to buy shorter hurdles and work your way up to taller ones.

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Coming out of high school I was considered one of the slowest guys on my team, but by the end of college I had improved my quickness to the point where I was able to guard some of the best point guards in the league.

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Towards the end of my senior year in high school as I was preparing to play basketball at the next level I knew I needed to work on my quickness in order to be competitive. My strength coach helped me design a workout plan that would improve my reaction time and increase my speed from side to side.

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