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A coach needs to understand both the importance of individual skill development and effective team drills. Working on individual skill with your players will ultimately make the entire team better, but it can also be a challenge to help those individuals understand how they fit into the larger team concept. Every practice should contain elements of both.

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Coach Bob Hurley is a legendary coach at St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has compiled 26 state championships and over 1000 wins in his coaching career. Several players off his teams have gone on to play in the NBA to have successful careers. The amount of talented players that he coaches, makes his DVD a perfect resource for helping turn a bunch of individuals into a team. He outlines and explains some of his favorite team drills that will help any team develop as a cohesive group of players. You will be able to learn valuable insights into how to improve on your teams weaknesses, and drills that can help fix certain deficiencies.

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Pistol Pete Maravich was the greatest college basketball player to ever play the game. His career at LSU was statistically mind-blowing and no one will ever match his greatness at the college level. His legendary work ethic and tireless commitment to improving his basketball skills, were what made him great. In this DVD, Championship productions gives you a sneak peek into the training regiment that allowed Pistol Pete to cultivate one of the most advanced skill sets in the history of the game of basketball. His control and command of the basketball was incredible, and he achieved these results through long hours of tedious practice and drills. You will benefit from this instruction!

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To become a great basketball team you need good basketball players. These DVD's will help on both accounts. Buy these DVD's, put in the hard work, and you will be well on your way to becoming a more polished basketball player and team.

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