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It's Time to Take Control of Your Own Physical Attractiveness! Becoming a Campus Man is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You'll get affirmation for being the incredibly disciplined and hard working person you are, and it'll make you feel like you're on top of the world. First, though, you've got to put the time in at the gym.

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Ryan Corliss is one of those men who has managed to master his own physique. It wasn't easy, but nothing this incredible ever is. Everybody wants to be built, but not everybody has the guts to make it happen. Once you get there, the benefits are endless. On top of feeling like you could run through walls, you'll be able to sign up as a Campus Man, and all those girls around campus won't be able to stop themselves from staring.

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Get started today, and before you know it, you won't be able to look yourself in the mirror without busting out a huge grin! If you've decided the time to start making yourself into a new man is now, then you'll want to get started on the right foot. You'll need a plan, and you'll need to stick to it like glue. If you have no idea where to get started with something like that, just relax. We've got your back. Here are a few good suggestions.

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Books on Training Muscles Special Ops Fitness Training $10.17 If there's one organization that knows everything there is to know about getting you in shape, it's the US Special Forces. Keep in mind, a program like what's in this book is probably not going to be focused around getting you bulky, sculpted muscles. Instead, you're going to be working heavily on your endurance, and overall muscular strength, which will help you elsewhere.

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Men's Health Home Workout Bible $14.93 Even if you don't have the money for gym memberships, all is not lost. This book will save you a ton of money by advising you toward only the things you absolutely need to succeed. It's entirely possible to get totally ripped from working out at home. All you need is a little extra self discipline, and this book.

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Absolute Best DVD on Training Your Muscles 300 Workout DVD $33.99 If there is one word to describe the videos in this DVD package, it's "intense." There is no false hype here. The workout plans contained within will absolutely get you as ripped as the ancient Spartans, and in a hurry! The idea behind their unconventional workouts is that they force your body into a constant state of shock and growth by constantly changing up your routine. Your body will have no chance to adjust to the "same old lifting schedule" and will have no choice but to grow every ounce of power-inducing muscle fiber it can! Since the Spartans never used a lot of complicated equipment, neither will you! With this, you will learn to make yourself stronger using exercises which utilize your own body weight in ways you probably never thought of.

Step 7

Some Techniques of Training Muscles You Will Learn in These Recommended Books or DVDs Any combination of the above expert selections will give you a good shove in the right direction, and get you used to the type of work load it takes to build lean muscle mass. It's best to stick with something solid and proven for a few months before deviating, but whenever you're ready for something a bit more challenging, here are a few advanced techniques that will throw a kink into what you've gotten your muscles used to. As you grow, this will become critical to maintaining your results.

Step 8

The Double Workout Routine is good if you've got a little extra free time on any given day. It can be done whether you're doing a full body workout, or targeting a certain muscle group. Instead of doing your workout all at once, break it up into two sessions throughout the day, and make those sessions shorter, but as intense as you can possibly muster. This gives your muscles a break after the first workout so that you can hit them again in the evening.

Step 9

Explosive Repetitions are a way of focusing your efforts on one part of your set a bit more than the other. Take the shoulder press for example. If you wanted to perform the press explosively, focus on getting the weight up above your head as quickly as possible, pushing as hard as you can while still keeping control. Focus on bringing it down more slowly, then exploding it up once again. Your muscles will soon become adjusted to doing things quickly, which is great if you're an athlete.

Step 10

Muscle Isolation is an important principle to understand in weightlifting. You have to resist your body's natural tendency to recruit as many muscles as possible to do a job. For example, if you're curling your biceps, you must do it in such a way that your biceps are the only muscles doing the work, instead of having your front deltoids providing leverage. It all comes down to proper form.

Step 11

Effectively Train Your Muscles by First Learning Muscle Group Names When being introduced to new exercise names and different muscle groups, you can save a lot of time and confusion by learning the basics of anatomy. Just the basics. This will help you in ways you may not consider. Some guys take forever to know the different names of muscles and make mistakes such as performing exercises intended for the wrong muscle group. Choose one of the two products below - a poster or a book/manual. These can be of great help for a beginner!

Step 12

Although there are cheaper posters available, we highly recommended spending a little more for the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster shows you a lot more than the names of the muscle groups. It also lists the most popular exercises for each muscle group. This can be of great help for a beginner trying to memorize all of the numerous exercises and how which muscle group they help. There is another bonus to having this poster on your wall. Girls will see it and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they will definitely ask about this poster! What a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show them your gains!

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If you want something you can carry with you, or you are the type of guy who wants more details, order Strength Training Anatomy $14.93. Strength Training Anatomy offers detailed illustrations about your muscles! This book is not a lot of lengthly text. This manual is very easy it is to follow. This book also depicts exactly how you should be doing exercises to properly work each muscle - this avoid "cheating on form" (also called "bad form") - which is common in beginners.

Step 14

Must Have Supplements for Training Muscles The word "supplements" is sometimes seen as a bad word in the world of athletics, and wrongly so. When we speak about supplements, it's mainly to provide an easier way of getting more of the things you would get from the food you eat anyway, such as protein.

Step 15

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Double Rich Chocolate, 5.15-Pound Tub $39.25 Experts' opinions will vary on how much protein is optimal for good muscle gain, but they all agree that the amount you can get from a typical diet simply isn't enough. Whey protein is a great way to give your muscles exactly what they need to grow back bigger and stronger than before. One trick is to mix about 30 grams worth into a drink and take it within an hour after a lift. This gets the protein into your bloodstream quickly, and right after your muscles have been hit.

Step 16

Some Gear Our Recommended Books or DVDs Will Tell You To Buy For Training Muscles By this point, hopefully you've made your decision about whether this is something you can handle doing for yourself. If you've decided to go for it, here are a few extra tools of the trade to help you whenever you need them.

Step 17

Men's Health Training Log $10.17 Strength training is immensely difficult, and takes a lot of discipline to maintain consistency in. It's this consistency that helps build strong bodies, so It's important to keep a journal of your efforts, and the results that you're getting from them. What better way to maximize the time you're investing in yourself?

Step 18

Weightlifting gloves - we recommend Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves - A good pair of lifting gloves can really save your hands from building up unsightly callouses! It's important to pick a good, durable pair like the Harbringer Pro FlexClosure, because they hold up very well over time. The stitching in many other gloves can loosen from use.

Step 19

Lifting straps - You use these for many pulling exercises. Buy the Schiek Sports Schiek Lifting Strap Long $19.95. Another important element of safety, especially when you're dealing with free weights. There is no faster way to ruin your weekend than to drop a dumb bell on your foot. Quality lifting straps such as these ensure that the iron stays attached to you, even if you can't hold onto it for a moment.

Step 20

Weight belt - Buy the Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt for only $15.50. Weight belts are essential if you want to save your lower back from injury during heavy squatting or dead lifts. If your form is less than perfect, it's possible to sustain a lot of damage that could have you out of the gym for weeks. Considering the low cost and safety that's offered, this is a great deal and leather holds up much better than Velcro versions. Our recommended books or DVDs will explain what this equipment is for and how to use them.

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No matter what, if you stick with lifting weights, and you're eating somewhat reasonably, you're going to see gains. The main thing is that you it as seriously as you would anything else. After that, it's time to do something else that's good for yourself by signing up to become a Campus Man. It's the newest way to impress the girls, and promote yourself for the muscular hunk of man you've turned yourself into!

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