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It's Time to Become The Big Man on Campus! You want muscles like the guys you see walking around campus with athletic shorts and tank tops. You keep putting off going to the gym, but this is a mistake. The time is now to start building your body, and rebuilding your life into something new and exciting!

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Take a look at dudes like Matthew Chow. He'll tell you just how quickly you can transform yourself into something better, if you just take yourself seriously. Now he's bigger and stronger than ever, and that feeling puts him on top of the world. As a result, his social popularity has done a complete one-eighty! He practically has his own fan club.

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You might not realize it yet, but becoming a Campus Man can change your life! So, you've decided you want to lift weights, but you don't want to waste a lot of time and effort on different things, trying to figure out what works for you. It's true, finding a safe, effective workout plan can be a time consuming ordeal. You can put dozens of hours into your workouts over the course of several weeks before you even start to see results. Fortunately, you live in the information age, and with that comes access to the latest tips and trick to getting blown up.

Step 4

Muscle-Building Tips Books Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training: Step-by-step Checklists for 57 Exercises (Book & DVD) $53.01 Resistance is what makes you stronger, period. That having been said, proper form and isolation of your targeted muscle areas matters more than the amount of iron you're pushing. With over 140 illustrations, this is the closest thing you can get to a personal trainer when it comes to performing your weight lifting exercises both properly and safely.

Step 5

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible of Bodybuilding $17.82 Since this was written by the most famous man in all of professional bodybuilding, the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, you know right off the bat that this book is not going to play around. The amount of information here is vast, and it covers absolutely everything from proper dieting to multiple ways to work literally every single muscle in the body. Even if you're never planning to be a professional bodybuilder, it's fun to read all about the dynamics and showmanship of stage competition. Schwarzenegger spills every secret he's got!

Step 6

Muscle-Building DVD Men's Health: 15 Minute Workout $12.99 Of course not everyone has the time to spend hours working out on a daily basis, whether it's at home or in a real gym. Sometimes, we really just are legitimately too busy. This DVD is evidence that this is no excuse to neglect your own health and fitness. The fitness experts within have come up with some short, but highly intense routines to get you through an effective full body workout as quickly and with as little bulky equipment as possible. This is the perfect thing to start your day with, and it's sure to energize you, and enable you to take on the rest of your day with a bit more zest.

Step 7

Some Muscle-Building Tips You Will Learn in These Recommended Books or DVDs The best thing to do if you're a beginner is stick to what's outlined within the above resources. If you put in the time with those, and stick to your plan, you're going to see some great starter muscle building up pretty quickly. That having been said, one thing you'll want to avoid is a situation in which your regular routine has stopped being a challenge for you. If that happens, here are a few good ways to add variety and difficulty. Keeping things challenging and mixed up will almost always mean more muscle mass gained.

Step 8

Forced Reps are true to their name, and quite difficult to complete, but you'll thank yourself afterward. If you've doing a big exercise like a bench press for this, it's absolutely necessary that you have someone spotting you, otherwise you won't be able to do this. By now you know that the difficult reps you do near the end of your set give you the most gain of all, right? After your set is finished, give yourself a few seconds to rest, then do another one. Don't put the weight down, just do another. You might need your spotter's assistance, but you'll find those last few to be incredibly hard, and your arms will scream at you for it!

Step 9

Burnouts are absolutely killer. These are perfect to do right after you've finished up all your sets for a certain body part, let's see your biceps. For this little trick, pick a weight that's about 30-40% lighter than what you would lift with, and start repping with it as fast as you possible can. You'll be able to get out a lot of reps very quickly, since it's so light, but it'll soon start to burn. Don't even bother counting here, just keep going until you can't anymore.

Step 10

Learning Muscle Group Names to Fully Understand Muscle Building Tips When being introduced to new exercise names and different muscle groups, you can save a lot of time and confusion by learning the basics of anatomy. Just the basics. This will help you in ways you may not consider. Some guys take forever to know the different names of muscles and make mistakes such as performing exercises intended for the wrong muscle group. Choose one of the two products below - a poster or a book/manual. These can be of great help for a beginner!

Step 11

Although there are cheaper posters available, we highly recommended spending a little more for the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster shows you a lot more than the names of the muscle groups. It also lists the most popular exercises for each muscle group. This can be of great help for a beginner trying to memorize all of the numerous exercises and how which muscle group they help. There is another bonus to having this poster on your wall. Girls will see it and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they will definitely ask about this poster! What a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show them your gains!

Step 12

If you want something you can carry with you, or you are the type of guy who wants more details, order Strength Training Anatomy $14.93. Strength Training Anatomy offers detailed illustrations about your muscles! This book is not a lot of lengthly text. This manual is very easy it is to follow. This book also depicts exactly how you should be doing exercises to properly work each muscle - this avoid "cheating on form" (also called "bad form") - which is common in beginners.

Step 13

Building Muscle at Home The beautiful part about exercise is there's no law that says you have to do it in a gym! Home gym equipment is very advanced these days, and can get you the same results as any place that's going to charge a membership.

Step 14

Bowflex Revolution FT Home Gym $1299.99 While Bowflex equipment tends to demand a premium price, it could prove to be a better value than you think. This home gym provides every exercise you could get in a full size gym, without the gas and membership costs. You can work based on your own schedule and privacy needs, and they're built solid enough that in the long run, you'll probably save money by going with a package like this.

Step 15

Resistance Bands Exercise Training Set $39.99 Sometimes lifting with free weights can be dangerous, and all that iron can take up a lot of room if you want to work out in your own home. Elastic workout bands solve both problems at once, while still giving you enough resistance to sufficiently work any part of your body. These are lightweight, durable, and easy to store whenever you don't need them.

Step 16

Some Muscle-Building Gear Our Recommended Books or DVDs Will Tell You To Buy Regardless of where you choose to do the work, the work stays the same. You're going to need a few odd supplies to get yourself started, and here are a few helpful suggestions.

Step 17

Men's Health Training Log: Track Your Workouts to Build Your Best Body Ever $10.17 Since we're talking about keeping yourself on track, a workout journal is a great thing to have. With this, you can keep track of which muscles you worked, and on which days, so you never get your routine mixed up. You can also keep track of how much of which things you eat from day to day, if you're into counting calories.

Step 18

Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove $26.99 At some point, you're going to be doing some heavy work on your shoulders, which will involve a lot of strenuous pushing and pulling. Especially if you follow some of the outlines in the fitness books listed above. Protect the small, delicate bones in your hands and wrist, and provide support to your lower arms with this Harbinger wrist wrap. It's a great gym bag companion no matter what your level is expertise is!

Step 19

Lifting straps - You use these for many pulling exercises. Buy the Schiek Sports Schiek Lifting Strap Long $19.95. Another important element of safety, especially when you're dealing with free weights. There is no faster way to ruin your weekend than to drop a dumb bell on your foot. Quality lifting straps such as these ensure that the iron stays attached to you, even if you can't hold onto it for a moment.

Step 20

Weight belt - Buy the Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt for only $15.50. Weight belts are essential if you want to save your lower back from injury during heavy squatting or dead lifts. If your form is less than perfect, it's possible to sustain a lot of damage that could have you out of the gym for weeks. Considering the low cost and safety that's offered, this is a great deal and leather holds up much better than Velcro versions. Our recommended books or DVDs will explain what this equipment is for and how to use them.

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Once you've gotten bigger, broader shoulders, and you start walking with more confidence, it's time to reap the real rewards you've really been after all this time. Register to become a Campus Man, and you'll feel like a whole new man. It's a great way to get something back as a return on your investment, especially when that investment is you!

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