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How Would You Like to Become the Center of Attention at Parties? There's no doubt, guys that lift weights in their free time have more confidence. They stand tall, and they walk with assertion, and girls tend to notice! Nine times out of 10, all of the hot women are going to flock to a guy with a huge, sculpted, muscular frame over an otherwise average guy. Bodybuilders are the epitome of manliness, and that boost in self-affirmation can lead to success in too many other avenues in life to count.

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Becoming a Campus Man is one of the best ways to learn how to take that iron pumping lifestyle to the next level. You've put in so many hours building all that muscle, and now it's time to take full advantage of your new look to make you one of the most popular guys around.

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Wesley Martin is a man who can tell you all about what a change in his life big muscles made. He feels stronger and more confident, and of course he's getting more attention from the ladies than ever before. What's shocking is it didn't even really take him more than a few short months to get there! Getting into your own fitness like he did, and becoming a Campus Man can give you the same rewards and then some.

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There's a very good reason why there are so many different workout plans out there, all pushing you into doing different routines for different muscles. The truth is that everyone reacts differently to muscular stimulus. You might have an easy time putting on the pounds with a simple 8-12 routine. On the other hand, you might be a hard gainer who has to really focus on getting a lot of the right nutrition on top of lifting harder than most other guys. The main thing is to keep it all as challenging as you can. Fortunately, there are a ton of great resources for beginning bodybuilders are are worth looking into. Here are a few:

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Best Books for Bodybuilding Tips Maran Illustrated Weight Training $16.49 So, often, fitness books put emphasis on proper form, and for good reason. Proper weightlifting will enhance your gains by making sure that the muscles you're intending to work are the only ones that get worked, and that you're exercising in the safest possible manner. Illustrated handbooks like this one go a long way in helping you to understand exactly what each exercise is calling for you to do.

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Frank Zane: Mind, Body, Spirit $24.99 This is a fascinating look into the life of one of the true legends of bodybuilding. Zane is one of the indisputable masters of the art, and is one of the few men to have ever bested Schwarzenegger during his competition years. Tap into decades of the most relevant muscle building experience anyone has to offer with his diary!

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Recommended DVD for Bodybuilding Tips Ronnie Coleman: Invincible $35.99 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is giving you a peak into the life of a pro bodybuilder. What could be better than that? This DVD is geared more toward his upcoming competitions, but nearly all of the routines can be adapted for the average guy. Coleman is a huge source of motivation, and the life that weightlifting has made for him is truly amazing.

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These are all great ways to break into the hobby of reinventing your body into a powerful, attractive, iron pumping machine. They are packed full of some of the most effective methods for losing fat and gaining muscle known today, no matter what your body type is.

Step 9

Some Bodybuilding Tips You Will Learn in These Recommended Books or DVDs Having a plan is a wonderful thing. It will keep you focused on your goals, and encourage you along the way when your own marked progress. Listed below are some more advanced techniques that can be combined with the plans in the above books and DVDs. Most of them require the safety of a spotter, but they can help you ascend to the next level if you need something more challenging.

Step 10

Forced Reps are a way of literally forcing your muscles into doing a few reps more than you normally could. If you're doing a set of curls, you curl your very last, most excruciating rep. Then you have your lifting partner give just the slightest support, and help you force yourself through two to three more reps. Although a bit of the resistance is removed, it helps your muscles to use up that last, tiny bit of energy, and truly force them to the point of exhaustion.

Step 11

Partial Reps have been looked at negatively by a lot of bodybuilders, but there are some very positive things to be gained from them. They basically consist of working with even more weight than what you could do for so much as one full rep. Instead, you are moving the weight only through part of your full range of motion. For example, doing squats using an obscene amount of weight, but only taking the reps part of the way into a full squat. This will give you a much stronger lockout when you return to your regular weight level.

Step 12

Pyramids Sets are a good method to follow if you're getting sick of a standard number of reps. If done correctly, it's challenging, and will exhaust you in a hurry. Say you're on a pulley machine, doing Tricep pull-downs. For the first set, you'll want to pick a weight that wears you out within, say, 10 reps. The second set will be with more weight; one that you can't do more than 6-7 reps with. The third is even heavier, and shouldn't be with a weight that your Triceps can handle for more than, say, 4 reps with. After this very heavy set, you go in reverse back down the pyramid, until you've returned to the lighter weight you started with.

Step 13

Get the Most Out of Bodybuilding Tips By Learning Muscle Group Names When being introduced to new exercise names and different muscle groups, you can save a lot of time and confusion by learning the basics of anatomy. Just the basics. This will help you in ways you may not consider. Some guys take forever to know the different names of muscles and make mistakes such as performing exercises intended for the wrong muscle group. Choose one of the two products below - a poster or a book/manual. These can be of great help for a beginner!

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Although there are cheaper posters available, we highly recommended spending a little more for the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster shows you a lot more than the names of the muscle groups. It also lists the most popular exercises for each muscle group. This can be of great help for a beginner trying to memorize all of the numerous exercises and how which muscle group they help. There is another bonus to having this poster on your wall. Girls will see it and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they will definitely ask about this poster! What a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show them your gains!

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If you want something you can carry with you, or you are the type of guy who wants more details, order Strength Training Anatomy $14.93. Strength Training Anatomy offers detailed illustrations about your muscles! This book is not a lot of lengthy text. This manual is very easy it is to follow. This book also depicts exactly how you should be doing exercises to properly work each muscle - this avoid "cheating on form" (also called "bad form") - which is common in beginners.

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Most people agree diet is every bit as important as the work you're doing, especially if you're trying to bulk up in a hurry. You will need lean meat, carbohydrates, and a ton of protein. This is extremely important advice to take, otherwise all of your hard lifting in the gym is for nothing. It's worth the research into your own individual body type to figure out which supplements and resources are best for your life.

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Home Equipment if You are Looking for Bodybuilding Tips For Home Workouts Not everyone has the free time to be able to make it out to the gym several times a week. Fortunately, busy people can still make the same gains as the gym rats using home gym equipment. Home gym equipment has advanced much in recent years, and usually will take up only a fraction of the space in your house as traditional weightlifting gear.

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Bowflex FT Revolution Home Gym $1,299.99 Bowflex has revolutionized the home gym experience, and this model is absolutely no exception. It has adjustable arms built in that allow you to change the position of the pulley cables so that you can work with the same exercise movements from completely different angles. This was very intuitive on the part of the designers. The directions for putting it together are easy to follow, and it's substantially less expensive than other Bowflex models, making it a great overall choice if you want to get totally ripped in the comfort of your own home.

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With what you can save over a monthly gym membership, a quality piece of home gym equipment will pay for itself in time. There are many to choose from, but few offer the incredible flexibility and number of exercises as the Bowflex series.

Step 20

Gear You Will Need to Take Advantage of Most Bodybuilding Tips While the most important part of bodybuilding is your own resolve and willingness to succeed, you'll need a few tools to help you along the way in your transformation.

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Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove $26.99 A good pair of gloves will be your best friend no matter where you work out. Harbinger is a solid name in the industry, and these are sure to last a lifetime. They'll save you from tearing up your hands on checkered metal weight grips, and give you the reassurance of knowing that you've still got a firm grip on all that iron.

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Men's Health Training Log $10.17 Strength training is immensely difficult, and takes a lot of discipline to maintain consistency in. It's this consistency that helps build strong bodies, so It's important to keep a journal of your efforts, and the results that you're getting from them. What better way to maximize the time you're investing in yourself?

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Lifting straps - You use these for many pulling exercises. Buy the Schiek Sports Schiek Lifting Strap Long $19.95. Another important element of safety, especially when you're dealing with free weights. There is no faster way to ruin your weekend than to drop a dumb bell on your foot. Quality lifting straps such as these ensure that the iron stays attached to you, even if you can't hold onto it for a moment.

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Weight belt - Buy the Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt for only $15.50. Weight belts are essential if you want to save your lower back from injury during heavy squatting or dead lifts. If your form is less than perfect, it's possible to sustain a lot of damage that could have you out of the gym for weeks. Considering the low cost and safety that's offered, this is a great deal and leather holds up much better than Velcro versions. Our recommended books or DVDs will explain what this equipment is for and how to use them.

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Months will pass, and you will put a lot of sweat, blood, and tears into the wonderful investment that is your own physique. Now it's time for the real payoff. If you qualify to become a Campus Man, people will see you for the muscular beast you've now become, and you'll see how to use your new assets to get you more attention than you ever thought you could get before!

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