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How to Do an Arm Workout Book - Essential Arms: An Intense 6-Week Program $10.17 Let's face it, sexy arms are one of the most sought-after goals of any weightlifter. Essential Arms exposes many gym fallacies about getting huge, muscular arms that don't work, and instead suggests more practical methods. There's a lot more to this program than just dumb bell curls. You will learn to work every muscle group of your arms, along with your back and shoulders, to get the kind of biceps that make the girls go wild.

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Arm Workout DVDs Body Balancing Volume 3: Bis, Tris, & Forearms $19.95 A good gripping technique in the gym can help you perform better on a wide variety of other exercises, even ones not directly related to the arm muscles. After all, how can you begin a heavy dead lift set that's supposed to tear your back muscles to shreds if your gripping power is the first thing to go out during the lift? Much of the information you need to counteract this is addressed here, as well as how to use proper curling and extensions to really blow up the rest of your arm, so you don't end up looking like Popeye. This is an area that many people tend to neglect, and that's a big mistake when you're trying to build a balanced bodybuilding routine.

Step 3

ICON MEN: Greg Plitt Biceps Triceps & Abs Fitness $14.98 Plitt really flexes his muscles in this insightful video on arm and core muscle fitness. The great part about this selection is that he not only breaks down which muscles are being worked by which exercise, but also the different parts of each muscle group, and how each is affected by the work being done. By using proper form in order to work the entire muscle, he maintains that you can get the best possible gain while doing the same amount of actual work.

Step 4

If You Want to Get Big Arms at Home Biceps & Triceps Machine $389.95 Your body has a natural tendency to use as many different muscles as it can together to make a task easier, which completely defeats the point of lifting weights. You want to focus the efforts on the muscles you're trying to work, and a machine that can only move along a set path is one of the most effective ways. This one is heavy-duty, and would be perfect for a home or office gym.

Step 5

Weider Olympic-Sized Chrome Tricep Bar $59.95 Perfect for use in a dorm room or apartment if you don't have a chance to get to the gym, or just like to do random sets in your spare time. This is built of the same quality as anything in a real athletic facility, and will accommodate any standard size plate weight.

Step 6

Gear for Arm Workouts Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber $33.00 Proper form during any exercise is more important than how much weight you can curl. If you're worried you might be cheating yourself in your bicep exercises, this is the perfect way to focus every bit of resistance on the muscle group you're trying to work in the first place. By locking your elbows in place, you can't use your shoulders subconsciously to help do the work. You'll see your biceps blow up faster than you ever thought possible before!

Step 7

Harbinger 28800 Leather Weight Dip Belt $34.99 Before long, your own body weight might not be enough to challenge you whenever you run through your pull up or chin up routines. Since it's important to keep challenging your own body, you can safely and easily attach iron weights to yourself using this. It's strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds of free hanging weight, and will work well for adding resistance to your dips too.

Step 8

Arm Curl Blaster $99.00 If you're working out at home, and not in a gym, it's sometimes difficult to maintain proper form. Isolating your biceps is the only way to make arm curls not be a complete waste of time. This helps you by locking your elbows in place, so that you can't accidentally cheat yourself by letting your other muscles help pull the weight up.

Step 9

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser $11.95 Your grip is your best friend when you're lifting heavy iron. Almost every upper body exercise you can do will rely on your grip to be firm and strong while you're working your other muscles. With a quality grip crusher like this one, you'll be shocked at how much more easily you can hold onto plates, and other exercise equipment. As an added bonus, you'll acquire a firm, manly handshake!

Step 10

Sunny Health and Fitness Power Twister $19.95 This is something a lot of gyms aren't likely to be equipped with, but using it a few times a week is a great way to build up your wrists, forearms, and upper arms. Power Twisters have been a trick of the trade since the golden age of bodybuilding, and the extra edge that more gripping power will give you will help with your entire upper body workout later on.

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