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Bet You Never Thought Bodybuilding Would Be This Simple! Maybe you've spent some time lifting weights before, but got frustrated because you didn't seem to be getting the same results as those other guys. Your heart was in the right place, all you needed was a little guidance and inspiration.

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Adam Daniels has the body of a man who was about to find the guidance he needed, and he put it to great use. He decided to take his own life by the horns, and see if he could do something great for himself. Obviously, he succeeded! Men like him will tell you that it's a hard road to travel, and that you'll need a lot of discipline to get there, but anything is possible. Like him, you'll have access to a whole toolbox of ways to enhance the way people view you as a man around your town, once you're eligible to enlist as a Campus Man.

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Just like him, everybody has the power to transform their body into something amazing and powerful, and there are hundreds of different ways to go about it. It's always up to you to find the path that's right for you, and no two will ever be exactly the same.

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Starting a weightlifting hobby without a workout plan is like trying to build a house with no blueprints. If you just sort of work as you go, with no clear strategy, the end result may or may not look like what you had in mind. Fitness professionals have dedicated their lives to coming up with workout strategies that can fit nearly anyone, since many of them make their living training many different people. Here are a few of the most popular plans around:

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Books That Show How to Become a Bodybuilder Men's Health Book of Muscle $23.10 The perfect beginner's guide to someone who's just getting started in the wonderful world of bodybuilding. Even if you don't know that much about fitness, you'll find that everything in the Book of Muscle will make perfect sense to you. That clarity is important when you're in the gym, and it's your physique on the line.

Step 6

Strength Training Anatomy $14.93 Have you ever wondered which muscles are being recruited whenever you're doing certain activities? The answers may surprise you. This simply-to-follow manual for your own body breaks down every major muscle group based on size and function. You'll learn which exercises to perform to grow whichever parts of your muscular body you find lacking.

Step 7

Best DVD to Learn How to Become a Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman: Invincible $35.99 You'll feel pretty invincible yourself after getting pumped up with one of Coleman's workouts. The man is an undeniable beast in the weightlifting world, and this DVD will take you through his motions. Take it seriously, and do as he does, and you're sure to feel the burn.

Step 8

How These Recommended Books or DVDs Teach You How to Become a Bodybuilder The men and women you'll see working in the above books and videos are some of the best in the business. Following their advice will give you complete, well-rounded advantage in your own undertakings. No doubt, you'll be able to see significant gains if you follow their plans. Still, you might get a little bored if you stick to one thing for too long. If you're still looking for ways to mix things up a bit, there are other things you can try.

Step 9

Supersets are a good thing to do if you're pressed for time one day, but don't want to cheat yourself by skimping on your workout. Instead of performing one exercise at a time, you're going to be doing two. Pick two that are going to be recruiting opposing muscles. Bicep curls and Tricep extensions would be a good combination. Your superset will consist of six sets total. When you finish a set on Triceps, pick up the bar bell and crank out a set on Biceps. Repeat this until you've done three sets on each muscle group. This will save you time, while still blasting your arm muscles.

Step 10

Giant Sets are a workout in and of themselves. Instead of doing one set of an exercise, waiting a few minutes, then doing another, these will keep you constantly in motion. Choose three different exercises that all work different muscle groups. When you finish a set with one, don't stop to rest, immediately move to the next exercise. You'll tackle all three for at least three sets a piece before you can finally rest. A good combination might be lateral raises, bicep curls, and chest flies. Just remember not to stop!

Step 11

German Volume Training is something a lot of professionals have used to get over tough spots in their overall training. It will apply to each body part you are doing work with, from calf raises to shoulder presses. To put it simply, choose a weight that is roughly half as heavy as what you could one rep max with, and perform 10 sets of 10 reps with that weight. Rest no more than 60 seconds between sets. This will become brutally difficult, but many people have shown massive gains in muscle size in just a few weeks of this type of training.

Step 12

Learning Muscle Group Names Is Required to Become a Bodybuilder When being introduced to new exercise names and different muscle groups, you can save a lot of time and confusion by learning the basics of anatomy. Just the basics. This will help you in ways you may not consider. Some guys take forever to know the different names of muscles and make mistakes such as performing exercises intended for the wrong muscle group. Choose one of the two products below - a poster or a book/manual. These can be of great help for a beginner!

Step 13

Although there are cheaper posters available, we highly recommended spending a little more for the Fitnus Male Exercise/Muscle Guide $21.99. This laminated poster shows you a lot more than the names of the muscle groups. It also lists the most popular exercises for each muscle group. This can be of great help for a beginner trying to memorize all of the numerous exercises and how which muscle group they help. There is another bonus to having this poster on your wall. Girls will see it and take an interest in your transformation. If girls walk into your apartment or dorm, they will definitely ask about this poster! What a great chance to get to take your shirt off to show them your gains!

Step 14

If you want something you can carry with you, or you are the type of guy who wants more details, order Strength Training Anatomy $14.93. Strength Training Anatomy offers detailed illustrations about your muscles! This book is not a lot of lengthly text. This manual is very easy it is to follow. This book also depicts exactly how you should be doing exercises to properly work each muscle - this avoid "cheating on form" (also called "bad form") - which is common in beginners.

Step 15

Major Supplement If You Want to Become a Bodybuilder If you are eating right, then nutritional workout supplements may be something you don't feel you need. Still, a lot of people swear by whey protein and Creatine powders, and have claimed that their results shot through the roof while using them as part of their plan. Your mileage may vary, but here's one that's worth taking for a spin.

Step 16

1Fast400 Creatine Monohydrate Powder, 1000-Grams $34.99 When serious weightlifters want something to boost their energy, and help them out with their mass gains, they turn to this. If you're eating right, this stuff will give your muscles more of what they need to regrow! Some guys have even claimed gains of up to a pound of muscle per week! It's generally best to use something as potent as this in cycles.

Step 17

Some Basics Our Recommended Books or DVDs Will Tell You To Buy If You Want to Become a Bodybuilder The most important thing now is that you have a plan. You have a course of action to guide you, and your own willpower to pave the road. You'll need just a few other things that you'll probably find useful, especially if you like to workout in your off time at home.

Step 18

Blue Scheik Lumbar Belt $50.95 The last thing you need is a back injury because you decided to push yourself a little too hard on squats. Avoid that unfortunate mess with this solidly constructed Lumbar belt. This will give your lower back the support you need so you can focus on getting those sets done.

Step 19

MyoTape Body Tape Measure $6.10 In the end, it's all about progress. You want bigger muscles, right? Finally, it's easy to take measurements of the progress your muscles are making, and without needing an extra set of hands! Quick, easy to use, and accurate. A wonderful, inexpensive little tool for giving yourself a numerical progress report for your bodybuilding efforts.

Step 20

Men's Health Training Log $10.17 Strength training is immensely difficult, and takes a lot of discipline to maintain consistency in. It's this consistency that helps build strong bodies, so It's important to keep a journal of your efforts, and the results that you're getting from them. What better way to maximize the time you're investing in yourself?

Step 21

Weightlifting gloves - we recommend Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves - A good pair of lifting gloves can really save your hands from building up unsightly callouses! It's important to pick a good, durable pair like the Harbringer Pro FlexClosure, because they hold up very well over time. The stitching in many other gloves can loosen from use.

Step 22

Lifting straps - You use these for many pulling exercises. Buy the Schiek Sports Schiek Lifting Strap Long $19.95. Another important element of safety, especially when you're dealing with free weights. There is no faster way to ruin your weekend than to drop a dumb bell on your foot. Quality lifting straps such as these ensure that the iron stays attached to you, even if you can't hold onto it for a moment.

Step 23

Weight belt - Buy the Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt for only $15.50. Weight belts are essential if you want to save your lower back from injury during heavy squatting or dead lifts. If your form is less than perfect, it's possible to sustain a lot of damage that could have you out of the gym for weeks. Considering the low cost and safety that's offered, this is a great deal and leather holds up much better than Velcro versions. Our recommended books or DVDs will explain what this equipment is for and how to use them.

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Whoever said that nothing worth having isn't worth fighting for was right. If you put the hours in, and work hard with no distractions, you'll see those muscles start to bulk up and bulge out like never before. Once you've gotten into shape, it's time to register to get the status of being a Campus Man. It's the best way for people to see what kind of a man you've become, and to take notice of your brand new look. Self improvement always feels good, but getting recognized for it feels even better!

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