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There is No Such Thing as an "Off Season." Fall is coming, and that means it's football season. School is back in session, and you've been working some long, hard hours to get back into fantastic shape for everyone around you to take notice, right? Well, if you haven't, that's all right. There's still plenty of time to hit the weights, and you'll hit those goals faster than before with a little bit of expert guidance, and some tools of the trade to help you out.

Step 2

Don Carlin was always lacking in athletic ability. What didn't come naturally to him, he had to earn through many grueling hours of cultivating his body into the powerful machine you see here. With the goal of becoming a Campus Man in mind, you can be just like him. Whether you like football or Ultimate Frisbee, it doesn't matter. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how people react differently to you when you've got muscles.

Step 3

After you're back up to your "fighting weight" it's time to get what you came for to start with: recognition. By signing up to be a Campus Man, you're telling everybody that you're here to stay, and to move over! It's the best way to get affirmation for all those long, hard days and nights with the iron.

Step 4

If you're just getting started, or what you've tried in the past just isn't giving you the results that you've been after, fear not. Even if you don't have that much money to spend on fitness training, you can still get some help. Below are some very comprehensive books and videos, assembled by some of the all-time most successful bodybuilders.

Step 5

Books to Learn How to Become a Football Player Placekicking Fundamentals and Techniques by Steve Libassi $17.95 Your legs are the largest, strongest limbs on your body, and keeping them limber and powerful is a key element of your fitness success. Even if you don't have a lot of money, or the idea of doing squats in a gym makes you uncomfortable, Libassi spells out all you need to know in this play-by-play drill handbook. Fantastic for your cardiovascular workouts.

Step 6

Football Training Like the Pros by Chip Smith $13.57 If you're going to ask anybody how to start getting huge, ask people whose livelihoods depend on it. While much of this is not strictly limited to weight lifting, football conditioning is time tested for building strength, endurance, and explosive calories. It's tough stuff, and it might even be better for you to do this with some friends for extra motivation, but Chip lays out everything you need to be doing step by step.

Step 7

Aspiring Football Player DVDs Backyard Drills Football Edition $89.99 The perfect compliment to some of the above resources. Since you'll be spending a good bit of time focusing on developing strength and explosive power in your midsection and lower body, what better way to measure your improvements than with a regimen of outdoor drills? These were expired by some one the most successful football conditioning routines at use today, and is perfect if you've got some like-minded friends who like to get out in the mud, so to speak.

Step 8

Gear If You Want to Become a Football Player Not all of your physical training has to be done in the gym. If you're an athlete, especially a football player, you could look into some equipment that will help you practice your football drills in your own backyard. This way, you will never be rusty when training season kicks back into full swing.

Step 9

Reebok NFL Velocity Grip Football Gloves $39.99 Football gloves could be quite useful during heavy exercises like dead lifts. They're designed to help players grip footballs in wet, slick weather conditions, so they'll work great for helping you get a good grip on Olympic bars too.

Step 10

Eastbay Team Speed Suit $24.99 When you're going full out, but you still need that extra bit of endurance so you can keep up the steam, the speed suit can make all the difference. Designed to be both comfortable and functional, the speed suit provides all your working muscles with a light compression to promote blood flow. That compression can give you just a little bit more resistance to fatigue than you may have had without it, and that can make or break you when seconds count on the field.

Step 11

Push-Pull Training Sled by Olympia Sports $239.95 If you're going to be ready for anything, you need to be able to maintain both balance and speed in your running. Since you might have someone trying to pull you down at the same time, you need to be prepared to run under just about any load. With this, you can strap yourself up and do sprint drills using weighted resistance. That resistance will make you both stronger and faster when you're ready to run light.

Step 12

PUMA Men's Voltaic Running Shoe $65.43 No serious athlete should be without a pair of good athletic shoes. Whether you're running sprints on the track, or pushing iron in the gym, these by PUMA are both comfortable and stylish. With gel inserts under the heels, they'll feel light and springy on your feet those days you're working on your cardio.

Step 13

Nike 3005 Collegiate Football $58.39 Ah, the great American pigskin. This one is officially licensed by Nike, and it crafted to last for a lifetime of use. The stitching is a big smaller than what's typical, which allowed for easier handling, and it's made entirely of full-grain leather.

Step 14

Drill Cones 9" - Set of 10 $16.63 If you've got sports gains in mind, then you're not just building muscle for the look of it. You want speed, and agility as well. Give yourself what you need to run through all your old speed drills from the Varsity days on your own time.

Step 15

Multi Sport Practice Net $36.99 Like I said, it's quickly becoming the Fall sports season. What better way to hone your own backyard ball skills than with a sports practice net? Practice your coordination and speed drills at your own convenience! This one's great because it can break down and be easily stored whenever you don't need it.

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So you've put in your hours, and taken your licks. Your love of athleticism drives you, and that drive has given you a fearsome physique. Why not get the recognition and attention you deserve? Applying to become a Campus Man is quick and easy, and will allow everyone else to find you, and see you for the real muscular monster you've turned yourself into. After all, you've worked hard! Why not get a little extra love for it?

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