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Customizing the basketballs that your team uses enhances the brand and image that your school is trying to portray. Branding your basketballs also protects against theft and makes sure that the basketballs stay in their proper places.

Step 2

The Branders company claims that it is the largest online retailer of custom basketballs on the web. Since they are such a large company, their basketballs will probably come at a cheaper rate than purchasing through a smaller company. They offer a wide variety of customized logos that can be put on a number of different basketball brands.

Step 3

DC Sports is another online company that has a partnership with NIKE and supplies numerous teams with their uniforms. They will customize basketballs for team use or for basketball camps. Branding basketballs for summer camps gives campers a way to remember their time at camp and the ability to take a souvenir home with them (which will ultimately increase their chances of coming back next year!).

Step 4

Be sure to pick company that will brand a quality basketball that is used within your specific league. If you are just an individual person buying a customized ball then all you have to worry about is personal preference.

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Both my college and high school had custom basketballs with their own unique logo engraved into the basketball.

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