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Practice vests are a quick and easy way to divide teams in the middle of practice. You have the flexibility to divide teams into several different groups so that you can perform a variety of drills. The Champion vests come in a variety of different colors and the titan scrimmage vests are more standard and come in a single color.

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The advantage of having practice vests is that you don't have to go shirts and skins and you have the option of dividing up into more than just two teams. Also practice vests are perfect if you are the coach of a co-ed basketball team, so that you can evenly divide up girls and guys.

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Another basketball vest that you can consider purchasing is a basketball weight vest. A basketball weight vest can be used during basketball workouts and conditioning workouts. Post players can greatly benefit from a weight vest when they are working on their interior strength and moves.

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You can also wear a weight vest while running stadium stairs or doing speed and agility work. The added resistance will improve strength and endurance. Another great fitness exercise to do with a weight vest is jumping drills. Jumping drills with a weight vest will help your explosion and vertical leaping ability.

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Basketball vests can be used in practice and in warmups.

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