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Nutrition is one of the most overlooked aspects of becoming a successful basketball player. No matter what level you compete at, maintaining a proper nutrition routine will help increase performance, protect against injuries and illness, and give you that extra edge over your opponent.

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Basketball players (like many other athletes) must focus on two essential aspects of nutrition; proper hydration and smart eating. Let's start with hydration.

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One of the simplest ways you can increase performance and avoid weariness in the middle of competition is to hydrate long before you start to compete. Drinking a few glasses of water the night before competition along with several glasses throughout the day can increase your endurance and stamina during physical activity.

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For those who are extremely salty sweaters, you may need to supplement your hydration with Gatorade or electrolyte packets to help replace your salt stores.

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A general rule of thumb when deciding what to eat at each meal is this; eating plants and animals is always better than eating processed starches and grains. I'm not advocating a zero carb diet, but rather getting your carbs in their most natural forms will go a long way to improve your energy and maintain healthy equilibrium.

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After weight lifting or immediately after long bouts of competition are the key times when your body needs fuel. Drinking a protein shake or eating a protein bar directly after you lift weights or have practice or a game will help you to build muscle and recover more quickly. When I started to implement this discipline after my collegiate games, I noticed that I was less sore and more prepared for practice the next day.

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I grew up in a home that promoted healthy eating and taking care of your body and this served me well in my pursuit of a basketball career.

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