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The cheapest in-ground system out of the three products is the Silverback hoop. This hoop features an adjustable backboard and a solid design that allows for heavy use including; dunking, shooting, and outdoor weather. The installation and ease of use make this hoop a great choice for beginners and home use.

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The Lifetime hoop is a step up from the Silverback system because it is made with better materials and is backed by a 7 year warranty. The adjustable rim, the protective pad, and the zinc coated hoop all come standard and increase the longevity and durability of the system. Since this hoop is more expensive than your standard in-ground system, Lifetime gives you the chance to finance the hoop over several month time period.

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The Spalding hoop is by far the most quality in-ground system out of these three options. You can choose from a 52', 60', or 72' backboard for a variety of playing options. This system is made to last a lifetime and features a breakaway rim and steel pole. The glass backboard gives an outdoor hoop an indoor feel and is the perfect system for any serious basketball player.

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The installation of an in-ground system can be complicated and difficult to figure out. Be sure to do your research and understand what exactly the process entails.

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