How To Run Basketball Speed Drills

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Step 1

Incorporating a few speed and agility drills into your normal workout routine will improve your on court effectiveness while increasing your athleticism.

Step 2

Lay out the agility ladder so that the end of the ladder lies right on top of the free throw line. Perform a series of agility drills with the ladder and then finish the drill by having someone pass you a basketball and shooting a jump shot.

Step 3

First drill is to tap two feet inside the square then two feet outside of the same square before you move on and tap your feet inside of the next square. As you progress down the ladder try to move at a quicker pace to push yourself to the limit.

Step 4

Second drill is to line up on the side of the ladder and quickly tap both of your feet in the first ladder square then tap both feet out of the ladder square until you move down the line to the next square.

Step 5

Third drill with the ladder is to start with both feet inside the first square then hop out of the square placing both feet outside the square. These simultaneous jumps should allow you to quickly move down the ladder.

Step 6

The last drill that you can do is with the speed hurdles. One of the best drills to start off with is to take off from one foot and stick the landing after you have jumped over the hurdle. Alternate between left and right footed jumps, and this will improve you balance and explosion.

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Improving your speed and agility on the basketball court can be improved with only a few simple steps.

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