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Some athletes are born with natural ability to jump high and run fast, but regardless of your innate abilities you can increase your vertical jump and overall athleticism. There are several ways you can go about this.

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First, you can purchase a pre-packaged instructional workout that will provide the steps you need to take to increase your jumping. One of the most well respected and proven programs around is called "The Jump Manual" by Jacob Hiller. Hiller is a world renowned trainer and athletic guru who has proven experience in helping athletes realize their full potential. I would highly recommend his manual.

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Second, you can create your own jumping workout. There is no secret to increasing your vertical jump, because the more you jump the better you will get at jumping. Box jumps, line jumps, squat jumps, cleans, snatches, one footed jumps, and broad jumps, are all examples of exercises you can do on your own that will help you jump higher. Set a routine for 2 weeks, then switch up the exercises after that two weeks are over. After only a few weeks you will see improvement.

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Lastly, you can buy jump shoes that are specifically designed to strengthen your jumping muscles (calves, quads, hamstrings, hips). These shoes can definitely help increase your jumping, but be sure to follow the instructional manual so that you don't overtrain your muscles. Also, these shoes have been shown to produce a quick spike in jumping ability, only to disappear after you stop wearing the shoes.

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Jumping comes naturally to some people and requires more effort and practice for others, but regardless of ability your ability to jump can always be improved.

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