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[Personal Trainer] So, were here with Nick from Georgia Tech. He came to us on a year-long training plateau. Really couldn't make anything happen in his training program. His diet has been fair, but relatively inadequate for his goals and Nik came to me and we've put him on a new training program, a new diet and he's got 12 weeks to go back to Georgia Tech and make it happen.

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[Personal Trainer] Nik, how do you feel about all this?

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[Nik] Well, like from what I've been doing currently doing. It's like the seven days, seven days a week like I hit every muscle group. It keeps me tone, but it doesn't make me gain weight. Like, I'm afraid this routine is just like four days. I don't just want to mass up and lose all my definition, and toneness. Like, right now I feel like I have a lot of definition but at the same time I'd like to be bigger, you know?

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[Personal Trainer] Fair enough. Fair enough. But you have to realize that training 7 days a week like you are, like what I would consider a low intensity with a complete, really lack of any type of progression there, two things can come out of it. Number one: you're in a plateau. You're not sick you're still healthy you're still happy maybe not satisfied with the progress, but everything is working okay. Number two: you take it to extremes. You try to do everything else I told you to do with kicking your weights up regularly with lifting heavier all the time with higher intensity workouts and you will be sick. At first you will be overtrained then you will get irritable than your immune system will break down and you will be just sick.

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