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Step 1

[College Student] You know, you guys can take care of yourself better out there. like, there are spas. It may feel gay to go to them but, you can go to a spa. It's cool. You can get your hair, you can get a consultation. It's cool. I did it. So, I mean just consider it.

Step 2

[Aesthetician] Next, Tim Mauer, Mukha Custom Cosmetics. How are you? I understand you're having some troubles with your skin? [College Student] Yes I am.

Step 3

[Aesthetician] The best thing for us to do, is to do a really good assessment.

Step 4

[Aesthetician] Okay, Nik what I'm going to do first is do a real good cleansing of your skin, so we can get a could look at everything. I see a lot of what's going on, and will talk more about it after I get you all cleansed of. Okay?

Step 5

[Aesthetician] Part of this experience that we're providing is not just the fact or in a try to peel the skin but some of this is just a massage therapy. You want to try to relax, keep your eyes closed, just try to enjoy the whole thing.

Step 6

[Aesthetician] You're going to feel a hot towel come down on your face. And the main reason we use a hot towel is the same reason you should shave in the shower. Steam helps open the pores, letting the hair come out. So, you're going to a closer shave. It's also let me see this can a little bit better.

Step 7

[College Student] So, you shave in the shower? [Aesthetician] You should. Absolutely. Are you wearing contacts? [College Student] No.

Step 8

Okay, close your eyes. That should feel incredible. [College Student] mm. hmm.

Step 9

[Aesthetician] Take some nice deep breaths. Good. The main thing you want to remember, Nik, is that when you're cleansing, especially with young skin like yours, and I would say you are relative sensitive, you don't want to use any cleanser that has a lot of harsh ingredients. The kinds of things you don't want in the product are acid bases. And they're usually listed as glycolic acid, or salicylic acid. Those are called alpha-hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. and they work when they're used in the right vein. Mainly by a either doctor or a paramedical aesthetician, like we are.

Step 10

[Aesthetician] When you are using it constantly to cleanse your skin, you're really just irritating it. You're not causing a peel. Yeah, you're just spreading it. The other thing I noticed just by looking at you. Go ahead and close your eyes for me. Is that maybe you have a little bit of difficulty keeping your fingers off your face. Do a little bit of picking, perhaps

Step 11

[College Student] Yeah. [Aesthetician] I'm going to explain to you why that's not a good idea. When you press on a pore, your pore is shaped like a teardrop. So, when you take two fingers and press this way, you are only applying pressure too to sides of the teardrop. It implodes behind your skin. You actually caused the infection to go behind the skin and in essence your literally just spreading the infection. So, what we do in a professional setting is the reason facial is so good for you, is that we're using a tool called an extractor. And the instructor extractor is a little metal will loop shaped exactly like you're poor and it's going to press on the blemish equally on all sides.

Step 12

[College Student] Okay. [Aesthetician] So, there are a lot of different treatments that are available for the treatment of acne. And most of them either through a dermatologist or medical spa. The typical treatments would be topical antibiotics like clindamycin or tetracycline. are you using any of those things?

Step 13

[College Student] No. Not at all. [Aesthetician] And some of the cleansers that are available are like differin in that cleanser helps kill the bacteria. Acting is actually caused by a specific bacteria and if you can cause the bacteria do not produce, the acne goes away.

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