How To Get Perfect Eyebrows For Men

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And I know this is a little weird for some men, but it's not acceptable to have one eyebrow. Okay? There has to be a separation between the two. No more unibrow. I don't care who you are, a football player or anybody - that's just not okay.

Step 2

With the male brow, you're not going for really clean arch. You want to leave it looking natural. All we're trying to do is groom. So, We're going to remove the hair in the middle. We'll trim them a little bit, because you're starting to get that sort of Russian President look, where your eyebrows are starting to grow in all sorts of directions. And they'll just lay more neatly for you.

Step 3

Okay, so I'm just looking at the shape. You actually have a really, really nice shape. The problem is because all the way across your face.

Step 4

So, I'm going to use some wax that's actually different from most places. this is a soy product. It melts at your body temperature. The Wax is applied in the direction that the hair grows. And you can feel that it's just barely warm.

Step 5

And then I'm going to use a special type of paper. And I'm going to apply it over the wax. I'm going to rub a little bit, and then you're going to feel little pull just like a Band-Aid. And now all that hair is removed.

Step 6

That's how much hair was in between your eyebrows. Never do this yourself. Seek the hands of a professional. There's lots of salons you go to. It's usually no more than $15 or $20 and generally you need to do it every couple months.

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