How To Remove Chest Hair For Men

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Step 1

Okay, you're going to feel a little warm wax come down on the skin. And this is better than shaving, because when you shave, you're cutting the hair, which allows it to grow back in on the skin.

Step 2

Now you want to tighten your pectoral muscles for me like you are working out. Good. One rip. And all the hair is gone. And that will last six weeks. No doubt about it.

Step 3

Okay, tighten up your ab. Good. I know it's a wake-up call, isn't it? But it's over in one fell swoop.

Step 4

What happens is when you're trying to define your body, and show off your musculature, when you have hair going across the abs, which you obviously have great ones, it's sort of create a shadow and doesn't show off your definition. So, what I'm going to create is a nice straight line going down. And all of these cuts are going to show up a lot better.

Step 5

We even do, for the bodybuilders when they compete in the Arnold Classic, we do most of the make up for them. We use an airbrush technique, where I can go in and actually spray your cuts, so they show off even better. Didn't hurt too bad, did it? Okay you just going to feel a quick pull. Good. One more. It's over.

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