How To Bulk Up Without Getting Fat

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Step 1

[Personal Trainer] Like I told you, body fat is a function of calorie expenditure.

Step 2

[Personal Trainer] And you need to eat more to gain. There is a huge paradox there, you're right. And you have to make the decision, do I want more muscle or do I want to stay smaller and more cut? But I will tell you, that you can be five times bigger, and two times more cut than you are now - if you follow my program. Now that, I would take that under any circumstances.

Step 3

[Nik] I would too, it's just. It's got to be hard, you know. Like... [Personal Trainer] It's got to be hard making progress?

Step 4

[Nik] Like, I don't know. Like, I've heard people say first you have to get big, then you cut yourself down.

Step 5

[Personal Trainer] But these people are referring to bulking up which I 100% don't believe in. If you're going to put on muscle mass, it's going to be lean muscle mass. But, I will tell you, that your body will hold on to less body fat and more muscle if you're not overtraining. And you are blatantly overtraining right now. So, it's hard to see, but you'll actually be, like I said, significantly larger, more muscular, significantly more cut, harder and more defined, if you went on a different type of program. That's not to say that you can be in the gym seven days a week. I put you on a four-way split. Three of those days can be calves, abs, and cardio.

Step 6

[Nik] I could do that if I wanted?

Step 7

[Personal Trainer] Absolutely. You're just not going to hit the weights four days a week. And I guarantee you after you experience your first leg workout, in terms of the one I recommend on here, you'll be limping for three days. The last thing that will be on your mind will be getting back to the gym and doing another leg workout. You might even have second thoughts about getting on the treadmill the next day. And that's fine. All we need is those 4 workouts, three cardio sessions if you want to, nothing crazy, if you have two train your calves, train your abs, and then you're in the gym seven days a week.

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