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You know how spiderman can climb walls using nothing but his hands. Ever wander what his secret is? Well, its because he has spider like grip. Although finger sleeves aren't his first option, they should be yours! Not only do finger sleeves help protect you from the most famous injury a basketball player sustains, jammed fingers, it enhances your grip on the ball when shooting and dribbling, giving you more control over the ball, so you dont have an embarassing turnover if you fumble a pass tossed to you.

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Basketball finger sleeves are usually made with spandex & nylon and range from about 4.5-7.5 cm long, just enough to support the finger while not covering it too much. Choosing the right finger sleeves is all about preference, but there are certain things you should look for when buying the right sleeves.

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You want finger sleeves with high elasticity, allowing for free ranged motion of your fingers. Nice and firm so your fingers are supported. Usually the cheaper the sleeve, the less the quality of the elasticity and grip the sleeve has, as well as support, and since the price of sleeves is affordable, the higher priced probably have better support in them and are a better investment.

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You can order sleeves in a variety of colors and mix and match for style purposes as well, its up to you. Just make sure you find the right pair for you and go out and play some ball!

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Some people put sleeves on all ten fingers while some only put them on their shooting hands, or even a couple fingers. Find out what works for you!

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