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If you want to become a member of the S.W.A.T. teams elite then you need to know how to block shots. Keeping such an elite status on the court is very difficult, especially against good opponents who have quick shots, shifty feet, and uncanny balance to maneuver in and around the hoop. So, how do you black a shot?

Step 2

Jumping is the athletic ability you want to focus on when trying to block a shot. Of course being tall helps, but if you can jump high then you will be a great shot blocker.

Step 3

Reaction and quickness are also important because you want to be able to react to a shot in time to block the shot before the ball gets away.

Step 4

This means you workout your leg musclels with weights and agility drills. Ladders are a great way to do this.

Step 5

When you go up to block the shot you want to extend your strong arm out as far as it can go and jump as high as you can to maximize your height against ball ratio. This will give you the best chance at blocking the shot!

Step 6

Watch as the ball goes flying in the other direction and the crowd goes wild!

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Do not leave your feet before the player has either jumped up to shoot or is in a position where he cannot make a dribble. This way you don't fall for a pump fake and get left in the dust when he drives right by you.

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