How To Become a Brawler

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Step 1

You always want to prepare for a fight mentally and physically prior to fighting. This applies to any kind of brawling, whether it is an organized fight or a straight brawl at the bar.

Step 2

Never let your intimidation or fear overwhelm you, because the second your opponent gets into your head, the battle is over. You have to let your emotions drive you to success.

Step 3

In an organized fight, you need to wrap your hands and apply all the necessary gear that is appropriate for the fight. If that means head gear, gloves, leg pads, and chin pads, then that means you need to wrap up.

Step 4

In a street fight, you probably do not have that luxury - unless you are either super paranoid or your out looking for a fight. So, in this case proper form is going to be your protection. That is what most street fighters lack.

Step 5

Most, (and I don't speak for everyone) - but most street fighters back down if you show that you are not one to back down from the fight. A dog will bark all day if you walk away. But if you walk towards it, it will whimper. Intimidation is everything before a street fight. But, in the case that the dog brakes off his chain and wants to fight, that is when everything changes. Its rare to find a trash talker that draws hands but it is even rarer to find one who uses them efficiently.

Step 6

Thus bringing me to the last part of this article, the fight! When fighting, there are many styles, techniques, and forms of brawling you could utilizes in your skill set. But you have to figure out what styles are best suited for your abilities.

Step 7

If you are quick with your legs and have superb jumping ability, as well as great balance, you could fight in a Muay Thai style or kickboxing style.

Step 8

If that is not your game, and you like taking fights to the ground, then use wrestling or Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. It is all preference.

Step 9

In an official or unofficial league, you are probably going to encounter fighters who understand fundamentals. So, you have to train according to the styles of the other fighter, as well as sharpen your own skills.

Step 10

If you do not like scouting your opponent, then make sure you are CONDITIONED, because throwing punches gets extremely tiring, especially without practicing. I encourage you to go try punching a bag for a minute straight without stopping at regular speed and see if you can do it before you commit to fighting.

Step 11

Back to street fighting: in a street fight, what people lack is skill and technique. So, if you even have a little training you are already in the advantage.

Step 12

Choreographing the opponents moves should be very easy to read if you do a little sparring in the gym, because most street fighters give away there next move before they throw it.

Step 13

The most obvious attack you can almost dodge with your eyes closed is some peoples punches. Most street thug warriors wind up before they throw a punch, - thinking that all that power their trying to generate is really going to hit you. Naseem Hamed would do twenty jumping jacks, throw 20 punches, and have time to laugh in the guy's face before the wind up wonder even had a chance to throw his punch.

Step 14

A) power is generated from your core (legs, abdominals, obliques, etc.)

Step 15

B) When this happens to you, just throw a quick jab and the guy will probably end up tripping on his feet and stop fighting you, because he thinks you've got the quickest hands he has ever seen!

Step 16

There is a lot more to fighting I haven't covered. But i hope I helped you guys a little on motivating you to signup for a couple of fighting classes for proper training, and to learn a couple things about brawling you did not know before!

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Ps. Please don't jump anyone, its not cool, and you just look like an atomic punk. Also, try to keep trash talking to a limit, nothing sounds more stupid than two garbage cans throwing banana peels at each other talking about who has more garbage in their can!

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Funny story about brawling huh, not much funny about getting knocked out or knocking someone else out, unless they were trash talking about how they would win the fight, and then get one hit KO'ed in the first 10 seconds of the fight!

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I do some MMA fighting, I always had a vision of being in the ring and winning my first fight since high school. I started by going to my gym and meeting a coach who trained me for my first fight!

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