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Alright, the layup is the easiest way to get two points up on the scoreboard, so it is vital that you learn how to not only make a layup, but the proper form going into a layup as well as making one while defended.

Step 2

Lets start with the basics, the proper form when going for a layup is jumping off of your opposite leg. So, if you are dribbling towards the basket with your left hand then you jump off of your right, this is the most comfortable way to execute the layup so don't over think it, it will mostly come naturally.

Step 3

Next, when releasing the ball you dont want to do an underhand layup unless your on a fast break because that would lead to you getting rejected, packed, and swatted A LOT! go up with your opposite shoulder facing the defender while aiming the ball with your other hand, this way you draw contact as well as keeping enough balance to make the layup.

Step 4

When aiming the ball you want to utilize the square thats graciously put on a backboard, that is if you play in a league or a well kept gym, because many street courts do not have this square luxury. aim for the top corner closest to you.

Step 5

If your going to perform a layup against someone you should go off of two feet, that way you keep your balance and generate more control.

Step 6

Practice with both hands! You need to be able to do a right handed layup and a left handed layup pretty much equally regardless of your dominant hand. This means practicing all the other necessary skills that play hand in hand with a layup (dribbling, driving, etc.)

Step 7

Last but not least, watch as you put two more, possibly three if you get fouled, points on the board performing the most reliable of all shots on the court, the layup!

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

A lay-up requires the ability to drive, to dribble, balance, strength and many other factors so make sure your comfortable with at least some of these other skills before you try and run into an opposing player with a basket.

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Funny lay-up story, I was wide open on a fast break with nobody around me, or so I thought. So, thinking that I was wide open I casually go up for a lay-up, and as simple as that, two points were added to the scoreboard. The only problem was that yes we went up two points, but I went down 1 pair of shorts. That's right, there was an opponent who tracked me down but instead of trying to block my shot he was trying to "intentionally foul" me so id' miss the lay-up. Only problem is he missed everything but my shorts.

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Ive been playing basketball since I was I kid and the lay-up was the first thing I learned to do.

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