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The crossover is all about outsmarting and tricking your opponent. You want to be able to do this successfully so you can get past the defending man and score a basket or make a pass for an assist. Its the ultimate move to make someone look like they have no coordination when the trip over mid air at your sick nasty crossover. So, heres how you do it.

Step 2

You have to be able to dribble with both hands, plain and simple! Lets say your right handed, and you cant dribble with your left, your going to end up trying to crossover but your going to look pretty weird tapping up and down on the air when the ball is rolling down the sidelines. Make sure you can control the ball!

Step 3

Next you need to be quick yet balanced. Lots of people try different crossovers just to show off but end up getting nowhere with it. Remember, every dribble should play a role to going towards the basket or creating a play. So, crossover with a purpose.

Step 4

Alright, now that were prepared to do a crossover, its time to talk about the execution.A crossover requires you to fake like your going to go one way, then crossover to the other direction. So, position your body as if your going to go to the right and then bring your arms down and swing them to the left and dribble down the left lane.

Step 5

You want to fake with your body, not your feet. If you fake one direction with your right foot and then pick up your left, yea, youll fake the shoes off of someone but you will also get called for traveling. So, body fake or arm fake, then crossover from your right to your left or left to your right hand!

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

There are different styles of crossovers, there's the body fake crossover, the through-the-legs- crossover, and many others. Choose which one you like best and practice it. Make sure to mix up your arsenal of attacks and moves though, you don't want to be readable or you will get stolen from. If properly done, its unstoppable, just ask Allen Iverson!

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