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As you may have guessed, no soccer sock is really any "better" than the rest. Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't wear magical socks, and you won't benefit from wearing whatever brand he chooses to. The biggest factor is getting something comfortable that WON'T fall down around your ankles in the heat of a match. Assuming that your socks are the right fit, they should stay up as long as you don't strain the fabric by putting them on too hastily. With this in mind, take a ride to a sporting goods store.

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Assuming that you're buying socks to wear for matches with your team, your coach has probably given you instructions on what to get. Typically, he or she will want you to have one pair of dark and one pair of white socks. Moms, do yourselves a favor and buy at least two pairs of white socks. You can thank me later by sending a note to my editor on tournament weekend to tell her that I saved you from an extra several laundry runs in between games. If you are just buying socks for yourself, you have more creativity in your color choice. Consider the color of your favorite club or international team. If you're looking to really stand out, I've seen everything from zebra striped to rainbow soccer socks...

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For my two cents, a couple companies that never let me down in this category are Adidas and Nike. Don't buy for the brand though. Buy what YOU like. This may take trial and error, but eventually you'll develop an understanding of what works well for your feet and what doesn't. Some sock materials are better than others. Cotton, for instance, will soak up every drop of water exposed to it, making you slow and miserable. Good quality socks often contain some combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex (for the necessary elastic stretch and a secure hold around your leg)

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Find a pair you like and ask the store associate if you can try them on. It's OK if they're a little tight, they'll stretch the more you wear them. For this reason, just make sure that they aren't already loose on you. As far as length, ideally your new pair of socks should come up a couple inches above your knee when they are pulled all the way up.

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Soccer socks are a necessity as long as shin guards are a part of the beautiful game. If you've read my tip on buying shin guards, you know that I'm not a huge fan. However, there's no chance of these being taken away (and they really shouldn't be). Soccer socks then, are necessary and after years of trying out different brands and styles I can offer a few pointers on the subject.

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