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First things first... how long are you running? If you're going for a quick jog through the neighborhood before school, you probably won't need to plan out your music. You probably won't get tired enough to where flipping through songs becomes an exhausting hassle. When your run starts to stretch to more than a couple of miles though, a well arranged soundtrack can give you that extra motivation.

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If you have an iPod, it''s a simple task to set up a playlist. Most other mp3 players also have this feature though. Click new playlist and begin adding songs.

Step 3

Music choice is obviously a matter of personal preference, but there are a couple of songs that I will do my best to dissuade you from adding: Avoid listening to country music unless you're running to lose weight for some girl named Susan. Equally demotivating: Everything by Sarah Mclachlan... great singer, but she shouldn't make it onto this playlist. Hip hop and rock are usually safe bets, but creative. Some personal favorites of mine are Lose Yourself by Eminem, Kids With Guns by The Gorillaz, Song 2 by Blur, Can't Stop by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Priority by Mos Def, and Gouge Away by The Pixies.

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Arrangement: This last step applies especially to race scenarios, but can certainly be used for non-competitive running if you're so motivated. Do you know of a particularly difficult spot on your route? Try to coordinate a song that will pump you up with the time you'll be hitting this spot. If you know that the finish is your most trying part of a run, place songs that remind you of your motivation to keep going at the end of your list. Trial and error will teach you which songs produce the best results in your times and energy.

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My father ran, some would say obsessively, all through high school and college. During his home meets, he kept a group of his buddies positioned in front of the final straight-away with a boom box. When dad came around the bend, the sounds of Aerosmith and cheering fans picked him up and carried him through the finish line.

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For me, music and running have always gone hand in hand. If I don't have my iPod on a run, I've got a beat playing over in my head instead. Some music is great for running... other songs can slow you down and kill your motivation.

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