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Style - Whether you want bronze, silver, or gold, the figure of a cup, player, or soccer ball, there are plenty of styles to choose from. If you have an idea of what you're looking for that's great. If not, I've provided below the names of a few websites you can browse for ideas.

Step 2

Budget - The amount of money you can spend on trophies will depend largely on how much revenue your league or tourney brings in. You know what you can afford, I can't tell you that. What I will say though, is that trophies are not the place to skimp. If you have enough for great trophies, buy them. This will keep players coming back.

Step 3

Quantity - How many do you need to buy? Many websites offer discounts at different quantity levels. This is a competitive market (Makes sense, huh?), and any place you purchase from will probably offer alot of style and size options, as well as discounts depending on the quantity of trophies you purchase.

Step 4

Size - Bigger isn't always better, but it usually is. You don't have to buy two foot trophies for each player (In fact, I would advise against buying trophies this tall in mass. You'll probably run into financial issues.), but within reason, players will feel like they've achieved more the larger the trophy. This makes your event seem more prodigious.

Step 5

Engraving - I've not come across a trophy dealer that doesn't allow for personalized engraving, but always check twice to make sure you get the words and/or numbers written exactly how you want them on your trophies.

Step 6

Presentation - Once you have the trophies, make sure the ceremony is fun. I will never forget running through fog with when my name was called.

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I've played in a lot of different leagues and tournaments. Over the years, there have been championship ceremonies that ended in beautiful, golden trophies and medals. Unfortunately, I've also received plastic trophies that snapped easier than twigs. One league I was in as a kid rented a fog machine every year. When a player's name was called in the gym, he ran through the fog and accepted his trophy while everyone cheered. It was awesome.

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Trophies symbolize, for better or worse, the quality of the league or tournament they come from. In most cases, your institution is more likely to be taken seriously if it offers a high quality award as opposed to a cheaper plaque, medal, or trophy. I tend to be drawn to tournaments and, to a lesser degree, leagues that treat me like I'm part of a prestigious event or organization. Trophy quality plays a role in this.

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