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Have you ever heard of preprioceptive exercise? If not, check out the tip (written by me) on that explains it in detail. As for a quick explanation: preprioceptive exercise furthers your coordination by challenging your ability to connect your mind and your body. The number one tool for preprioceptive exercise is the Bosu ball. These balancing half-balls challenge your ability to balance and help promote core and leg strength. They're a lot of fun to use. And they can be used in some form with just about every exercise.

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First, let us look at how the Bosu ball got its name: Bosu stands for both sides up, meaning you can use it with the round side up or the flat side up for different types of exercise.

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There are three different balls or boards. Some come with exercise bands.

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Picking the right Bosu ball comes down to the amount of preprioceptive training you'll be doing. If you're only doing this kind of training once in a while, the cheaper Bosu balancing ball is best for you. If you do it moderately, get the balancing board and have fun with a durable piece of equipment. If you do preprioceptive training constantly, however, then the ball from Bosu the company is the only one you should settle for. So, determine the amount that you'll use this ball, before you do some online shopping.

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Consider differences in construction. If it is made of plastic - what gauge or thickness is the plastic?

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Consider durability. Will it break during heavy or intense use?

Step 7

Consider portability. Which ball is easy to carry to the gym, field, etc. Some Bosu balls are more lightweight than others.

Step 8

Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Step 9

Many Bosu balls come with an air pump.

Step 10

Some models come with an instruction manual or give extra tips for training.

Step 11

If it comes with a warranty, how long is the warranty and are there any fees associated with getting the ball repaired or replaced?

Step 12

Consider width. Some items at 13 inches wide and some are 20 inches wide.

Step 13

Consider capacity. How much weight can the item hold? Is it meant to only hold your body weight. Or can it hold your body weight and extra dumbbells or plates?

Step 14

I'll explain a couple different types of Bosu balls that are worth checking out. Read on.

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The first balancing Bosu ball we'll look at is Trademark Innovations' Balance and Disk Set. This Bosu ball is the cheapest you'll find on the market. And for those who barely ever attempt preprioceptive exercise, it's a steal at under $10.00. This ball comes with a small pump that makes inflation and re-inflation no problem. It is 13 inches wide and it will handle almost any amount of human weight. This ball is also lightweight and easy to carry around. If your workouts call for the occasional use of a Bosu ball, and you run on a somewhat tight budget, this product is absolutely for you.

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Trademark Innovations also offers another Bosu ball-type equipment. It isknown as the Balance and Fitness Training Board. This training board is a flat, plastic surface that spans 13 inches and sits on a tiny round bottom. It functions extremely similar to the balance set offered by Trademark Innovations, but it is meant to last longer and provide a different kind of preprioceptive surface. For those who are younger and not scared of an intense amount of balancing, the fitness training board might just be for you. It's lightweight, durable, and will satisfy all of your Bosu-related needs. While it is slightly more expensive at just under $25.00, this balancing board is worth it. If you do preprioceptive exercises on a somewhat regular basis, take a good look at this product. You won't be disappointed.

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The cream of the crop, made by Bosu - the company for which this topic is named is the Bosu Sport Balance Trainer. It is just under 20 inches in diameter, and it is built for stellar durability, perfect comfort, and quality usefulness. While the Sport Balance Trainer is a little more difficult to take with you to the gym, it is the absolute number 1 best tool for preprioceptive exercise at home. The ball is specifically designed to maximize the amount of work your core gets, and minimize the amount of annoyance and discomfort. This kind of perfection costs a pretty penny though- just under $100.00. But for those who put preprioceptive exercise the center of their workout routines, this purchase is well worth it. The Sport Balance Trainer comes with a pump, and an exercise manual. The sheer quality of this Bosu ball is worth its price. The fact that Bosu is the company that makes the ball speaks for itself. So, take a look and, should your wallet be willing, pick up a Bosu Sport and Balance Trainer as soon as possible. Tell them that we sent you.

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It is important to buy a ball that comes with a pump. Otherwise, you will need to buy a bicycle pump. Again, if you're somewhat unsure of what this kind of training is, go to the tip on Preprioceptive Training on

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My old boss was always obsessed with preprioceptive training. She made sure that our gym had several versions of bosu balls available at all times. Funny enough, though, she would use the cheaper versions of the bosu balls whenever she worked out. One day I was upstairs working and she was in the lower level doing her workout, when out of nowhere I heard a loud POP! followed by a light groan. I ran downstairs and saw that the cheap bosu ball she was using had popped. She was on the floor nursing a twisted ankle. I helped her upstairs and we got the ankle wrapped. Every time I ever saw her doing bosu ball exercises after that, she was using the expensive ball.

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I used bosu balls during my high school years when I was doing everything I could to gain an edge over the competition in wrestling and soccer. I used cheap bosu balls and they never ever failed me. I always found that the balancing exercises I could do on bosu balls were able to up my strength and up my balance and coordination. Buy one of the three bosu balls above and get started on a journey to increased mind-body connection. Let me know how they work for you, and as always, happy lifting

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