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There are many dynamic exercises that offer a wide range of benefits to the body: power slides, mountain slides, standing hip adductors/abductors, etc... But all of these exercises require the ability to smoothly traverse across a surface while minimizing the amount of friction that prevents a wide range of movement. Stated more simply, these exercises require you to be able to slide around like you're on ice.

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Luckily, you can buy a pair of exercise sliders and perform all of these types of exercises at home and in the gym with no hassle and no (well, minimal) friction.

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Choosing the right sliders comes down to how invested you are in dynamic movement sliding exercises. If you do them once in a while, or even a few times a week, the Gold's sliders are definitely going to be acceptable to you. If you do those exercises for upwards of an hour every single day, then you will be pleased investing in a pair of sliders that have wheels and will endure endless hours of usage. Just remember- Gold's, $15; wheeled sliders, upwards of $100.

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There is very little difference in the disc-type sliders. All are made of hard plastic and are $10 to $16 in cost.

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There are different types. Some are disc-type sliders. Others have wheels like roller skates. Those cost a lot more.

Step 6

Consider differences in construction. Is the slider made of steel or plastic? If it is made of plastic, what is the gauge or thickness?

Step 7

Is the grip textured or smooth?

Step 8

Consider comfort: Is the grip padded?

Step 9

Consider ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Step 10

Some models include accessories.

Step 11

Some models come with an instruction manual or training tips.

Step 12

If it includes a warranty, how long is the warranty? Are there any fees associated with getting the item repaired or replaced?

Step 13

How much weight can the slider handle?

Step 14

Below I'll talk about the pair of sliders that I was able to link to this page, and also about a few other options that can easily be found on Amazon.

Step 15

The Gold's Gym Power Glide Disks are probably the best bet for any person, amateur or pro, when it comes to purchasing a set of exercise sliders. These disks are built to work on any surface - even thick carpet. They're double sided which means you can just put them down and get sliding. Gold's Gym is known for making solid products, so you don't have to worry about your sliders breaking or wearing out any time soon. They're created to work anywhere, home or gym, and they can be extremely helpful when you're trying to hammer out those dynamic exercises.

Step 16

There are a number of other sliders on Amazon that are worth looking at. Most of them are pricier than Gold's sliders, and they will last the same amount of time. The only ones that might be worth considering, if you're really invested in the idea of dynamic sliding exercises, are priced around $100. They come with wheels attached. These sliders are built for unhindered movement and are made out of a strong plastic that lasts, forever. The extreme expense definitely assures that you'll get a product that meets all of your sliding needs, no matter how needful you are. So, if you're planning on sliding around every day, check out wheeled sliders on Amazon.

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Important factors to consider when shopping for sliders include making sure they work on all types of surfaces and that they have a comfortable grip and shape.

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Sliders are awesome to use, but if you aren't super invested in those kinds of exercises then you shouldn't waste a fat hundred bucks on a pair of wheeled sliders. This especially goes for those who don't yet know what they're doing. There was a rich kid that I trained for a while who constantly had to purchase the best of every kind of workout gear that I mentioned. He grabbed a pair of wheeled sliders and decided to implement them upon their arrival. I watched him move about 3 inches under control, then lose his feeling for the wheels under his feet and sprawl into a beautiful version of The Splits. The only problem was that this kid wasn't very flexible, and the splits that he did left him out of commission for a couple of days. Know what you're buying, people. And be careful out there in the sliding world.

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I used sliders a little bit when I was in high school, mainly when I was preparing for wrestling meets. The sliding exercises did great things for my movement on the mat, and they also helped me maintain a respectable amount of flexibility. I always used the Gold's sliders, and they worked for me for a few years. For $15.00 they're well worth the purchase. Grab a pair and let me know how you like them-
Happy slidin',

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