How to Get Good Deadlift Form

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Step 1

First step of good deadlift form is to decide whether or not you want to have sumo or conventional deadlift. I prefer conventional because it builds glutes better than sumo. So, i will teach you conventional form.

Step 2

Next load the bar with the weight you want onto the bar. Start with either 135 or 225 until your form improves. *The easiest way to load and unload the bar after one plate is on both sides of the bar is to take a 10lb plate and put it under the first plate. his will allow you to put the other plates on. Do this when taking weight off as well.

Step 3

Put the chalk on your hands by taking the block and scraping it onto your palms. It is easiest to keep it in a plastic Zip-lock bag. And tighten your lifting belt around your lower stomach.

Step 4

grip the bar with one hand over the bar and one hand under the bar (palms facing opposite directions) shoulder width apart.

Step 5

Adjust your feet so they are just a bit less than shoulder width apart. Roll the bar just over your feet. Pull the bar up towards your body so the bar is over the middle of your feet.

Step 6

bend your knees so the bar touches your shins. Do NOT pinch your shoulder blades together like squats and have your head in line with the rest of the spine.

Step 7

Now pull the weight up focusing on your glutes and quads. Do nut over use your back.

Step 8

Once your legs are straight force your Abdomen forward.

Step 9

Put the weight down. Now you have completed a deadlift with proper form

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Make sure you are pulling with your legs instead of just your back.

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Well I was trying to teach one of my friends good form for deadlift. The problem was the deadlift platform was already taken. I knew the kid who was on the platform though. He had really good form and was doing heavy weight. I told the guy i was helping to watch him while i filled up my water bottle. When i came back the friend who was already on the platform was taking the weight off. i asked the guy i was helping if he learned anything. he said "a lot." I had him show me what he learned with 135 lbs. He gets up on the platform with pretty good form and pulls the weight up and starts yelling. I go and grab the weight and ask if hes okay. He said "yeah, i just did exactly what the other guy was doing."

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

2 years ago my friend who is a powerlifting record holder helped teach me all about good form.

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