How To Do Stretching for Golf

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To get the best stretch possible for golf there is a few things that I like to do.

Step 2

For optimal results first stretch then hit balls. If you do not have time to hit balls or there is not a driving range. Do these stretches.

Step 3

Take a golf club and put it behind your back perpendicular to your body. Hold the club on each end with both hands. Do slow twists to each side each time trying to twist further. This will loosen your back, hips and pec minors.

Step 4

Take the club and hold out it in front of you. Practice open and closing the club as you take a slow baseball swing. This will not only stretch you out, but also influence a better swing with a square face at impact.

Step 5

Final exercise- Having a wide base simply bend down to touch each toe separately. Lean to each side when reaching to each foot. This will stretch the back and hamstrings.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

There is always a chance of getting hurt; however, stretching will greatly reduce the chances of any injury.

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I was playing in a charity golf outing and each year to begin the event someone tells a joke. The charity was for the Columbus Diocese's schools. So my friends and I get put at a table that has 2 priests at it for lunch. This old man gets up to tell the joke and it is about why Jesus could not walk on water any more. It is not exactly the most appropriate joke. My friends and I were trying to restrain each other from laughing because the priests were all offended. It was really funny.

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I have been playing golf since I was 12 years old. My dad has always been a good golfer, but I never took interest until that age. So i started off not even playing just hitting about 1000 balls a day.

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