How To Build Your Upper Abs

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Step 1

To start I will tell you that I do not recommend planks. The reason your abs and core fire is for stability. After working on abs for even a few weeks you will be strong enough that it is just giving your body more of a rest instead of a workout.

Step 2

Get a routine for abs and run the same routine 3x a week and then change it here are all my favorite ab exercises that I will go through in following steps. Crunches, 4 step sit-up, soup (what i call it), flutter kicks, and bicycles.

Step 3

Crunches are simple and I am sure you know what they are. Do not sit up completely are you are doing incorrectly. I always stress keeping hands folded across the chest. If your hands are behind your head you have the potential to strain your neck.

Step 4

4 step sit-up is one of my favorite but hardest ab exercise. Start in crunch position. Now raise your shoulders off the ground(step 1), hold for 3 seconds. Go a few more inches off the ground so your back is not touching (step 2), hold another 3 seconds. Go half way up so you are between on your back and sitting up (step 3), hold for 3 seconds. Then finish the sit up and that's stage 4. Repeat the whole thing and you will feel it for sure.

Step 5

Soup is an activity my coach taught me. Start laying on your back, legs on the ground. Then hold your hands in front of you clasped together. Next rotate around in a circular motion with your hands. Pretend there is a giant kettle of soup on your lab and you have to stir it. When you start, you are starting at the part of the kettle closest to you. So, your back will have to reach off the ground to reach the other side of the kettle. After 30 seconds switch sides. PS. this will also work obliques greatly.

Step 6

Flutter kicks start in the same position as soup except arms across the chest. Raise your legs 6 inches off the ground. Move one leg up and one down simultaneously. Then reverse. Do these for a minute take a 15 second break then go again. If you get tired instead of quitting it will make it a little easier if you start with your feet a little higher. To make it harder keep shoulder off the ground.

Step 7

Bicycles. This is my favorite one because it hurts so good. But really it works both abs and obliques. To start get in crunch position then put hands behind head. Next raise legs off ground and take shoulders off ground. Then bring one leg up towards your face. As this is happening rotate your shoulder towards the same side as your leg. Go back to starting position and do other leg. Start slow and as you get better you will be able to go faster but keep good form.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

If you are texting while doing abs you are not doing it right. If you are that strong do all exercises with a 25lb. weighted plate in your hands.

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I started doing abs a long time ago for baseball conditioning but had not started doing abs the correct way until this year. I had a friend who I trained with who would always do abs the incorrect way and I not knowing any better would do the same. This year for track I met with one of the coaches and asked if she would lead the team in ab drills. She use to be a personal trainer and had great abs still so she worked us super hard 3x a week.

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