How To Learn Running Bases In Baseball

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Step 1

When learning to run the bases it is important to always be aware of your surroundings. Always watch and listen to your base coaches. They will be giving you signs as far as running or stealing. After you hit the ball do not wonder if it is foul or not, hit and start running. Look at your coach if he says run through the base or says nothing stay in a straight line on the foul line and touch first.

Step 2

If your coach tells you to go 2 or rounds his arm that means round the base and go to second. The proper way to round a base is at about 10 feet away from the bag go outside the foul line maybe 3-5 feet. Lean your body weight towards the pitcher and hit the bag and explode off of it.

Step 3

While on the bases if you are going for first watch the first base coach. If going for 2nd, 3rd, or home watch the third base coach. *If you are on first watch the third base coach for a signal to steal.

Step 4

Leading off is important part of middle-school and older baseball. To get a proper lead off during practice try leading off and pretending a pitcher is there. Get off the bag and practice diving back off the balls of your feet. If no one is guarding the bag get a few more steps off, but watch for the player sneaking up.

Step 5

Be aware of number of outs and pitch count. With 2 outs run on any contact with the ball. When there is only one or no outs and its on the ground run, if a fly ball is hit to left or center field and on first or second go half way. If the ball is caught go back. If not run fast and hard watching third base coach. If the fly ball is hit to right field and on second or third do a tag up. A tag up is where you stay on the bag until the ball is caught then take off for the following base.

Step 6

If a ball get past the catcher and the backstop is far enough away you can steal. If its a close backstop watch your coach.

Step 7

Always be aware while on the base paths is key. You will pick this knowledge up with experience. Also watch your coaches and run hard.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Being able to appropriately round the bases, or take an effective lead off. People also have a hard time gauging what to do on a pop fly ball.

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I once lost a contact while stealing a base. I ended up getting to the base safely. After the game checked the base line and found my contact. The contact was between the first and second baseline literally in the dirt. It was a night game so the lights were glistening off of it. I put water on the contact, and I put it back in my eye. I had to see so I could drive home. Ended up getting an eye infection.

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I played baseball since I was 5 years old. I use to live and breath the game.

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