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Step 1

We're on our second day of college football off-season workout. Basically, day one, yesterday you would have done legs. Your legs should be killing you at this point. Your testosterone levels should be up from doing heavier weights. Now, we're going to take that momentum and we're going to go right into a chest workout.

Step 2

The first chest exercise that I do is flat barbell bench press, three sets of eight. Make sure you are doing a good warm up, stretching out your arms, basically rotator cuffs, make sure you're not going to hurt them or anything and go at it with three sets of eight. Give yourself ample time in between to rest so you can do heavy weight.

Step 3

And then the next exercise is going to be incline and go straight into the incline presses and that's with the barbell as well and you're going to do three sets of eight.

Step 4

And then your next exercise you're going to go into dips. And you're going to do the three sets of dips, basically trying to fail at eight reps. If you can do more than eight of your own body weight, they do sell belts that you can put weight on, so if you're able to do that, and get a belt with a chain and basically attached a weight to it. Then do it like that. Now if you're not able to do that, do as many as you can, and three sets of as many as you can. Right now you worked the middle part of your chest and your explosiveness with the flat bench presses. The incline is going to work the upper part of your chest and the dips are going to work the lower part of your chest and now what you are going to want to do is dumbbell.

Step 5

And you are going to finish out with dumbbell presses. Now, you can do these. I alternate when I did this - And I like to go heavy with the dumbbells too - is the incline, one week do incline and next week do flat. It's really going to burn out your chest. Its going to help out you stabilizer muscles to where. Its going to simulate on a football field to where if you're blocking somebody, its never perfect when you're hitting them. Usually you are going back and forth, so the stabilizers are important to work out. And you are going to do the three sets of eight. You want to build your strength, drink a lot of water.

Step 6

So, right now we have is his Monday you are doing your legs. Tuesday you are working on chest. Wednesday you actually have the day off. Basically you are not going to do anything, just relax and get a lot of sleep. On Thursday we're going to get back into it and we're going to do the back work out, and get into that. And then Friday we're going to do a shoulder workout and then after the whole week is complete, I am going to show you how to do your testing sessions. You should do these once a month to see where your strength is. This is what we used to test out of college with.

Step 7

And then we'll go to some speed exercises you can do. Speed is perfect for wide receivers, tailbacks, defensive linemen, and basically if you play football, you need to be fast, even if you are an offensive lineman. So, we're going to get into that.

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All these exercises are going to build your strength in the off season. Its going to not necessarily put on size but really just strength, power and that's all going to translate on the football field.

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I have done this routine many times in the off season.


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