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This series is going to be a baseball workout. So, we are going to go over upper body exercises, lower body exercises, some speed training, and also some bat training that will increase the strength in your swing.

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The first thing is lower body training. For this, I would do work outs on Mondays and Thursdays for your lower body. Switch it up, so first day on Mondays do squats, leg extensions, leg curls. I would do sets of eight to 10, and three to four sets.

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Do that. Do calve raises as well, seated calve raises, standing calve raises, so basically just go through that work out and Thursday switch it up and do a leg presses instead of squats and then leg extensions, leg curls, calf exercises.

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Also, I would do lunges on Mondays and I would also do reverse lunges on Thursdays, which will help increase your speed. So, instead of walking forward, walk backwards with the weight. Its a little different muscles you are hitting, it will help build up a more full lower body, more well-rounded.

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Also, you will be really sore after the first time when you do the reverse lunges. Normal lunges are already, really kill your legs, but reverse lunges will give you a whole new muscle soreness that you haven't felt if you haven't done them before.

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So, that's going to be your lower body workout for legs. You want to increase your speed from base to base, if you are in the outfield you are going to be covering a lot of ground, so you are going to want good leg strength, so also you are playing baseball, so not just upper body strength that produces all the power in a swing, so you are going to want good lower body strength all around so you know when you twist and step that into it, you are going to generate a lot more power and be able to hit the ball a lot further.

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So, that's the goal. So, that's what you are going to do for lower body. Mondays and Thursdays: switch it up one day, do squats, one day leg presses, reverse lunges on Thursdays, regular lunges on Mondays. make sure you are hitting your calves, your leg extensions, leg curls and drinking plenty of fluids so your are not sore. The next thing we are going to do is go over upper body workouts which will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays and will go over that in the next series.

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