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If a takedown occurs, thats 2 points. If an escape occurs (the guy on bottom gets away) then it's 1 point. A reversal is where a guy is on bottom and takes over control by getting behind the other guy or potentially getting an escape and turning it into a takedown (if no contact is broken and is a continuous motion then it technically is a reversal). A reversal is worth 2 points. Back points occur when the opponent has his shoulders facing the mat and at least one is on the mat and the other is within a 45 degree angle. Back points are worth either 2 points or 3 points depending on the length of time the shoulder was pass the 45 degree point: 3-4 seconds earns you 2 points and 5 seconds (counting stops at this point) you obtain 3 points.

Step 2

Penalties also can get you points. If the opponent has been called for stalling once already, the second time results in a point. Another point can be obtained from an early start. This call is called a caution. A caution occurs when when of the athletes jumps early before the whistle whether in the down position, top position or neutral. The first call is just a warning, the second results in a point. Another point will be issued if a full nelson move occurs (two hands under the arm controlling the neck). This is considered a potentially dangerous move and will result in either a point or a disqualification from the match.

Step 3

Other potentially dangerous moves are certain throws that are not controlled (opponent slams the ground before the one doing the tossing does). This will also result in a point or disqualification. That's pretty much all the obtainable points in a wrestling match!

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