How to Cycle Pre Workout Supplements

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Pre-workout supplements are to be taken 15-30 minutes before your workout takes place; generally, mix the powdered supplement with 4-8 ounces of water.

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C4 (a Cellucor product) currently is the most bought pre-workout in the world right now. It has a studied base of beta-alanine that is clinically proven to increase strength and stamina by reducing fatigue. A proper dosage amount would be anywhere between 1500-3200mg.

Step 3

The product itself is not too costly, either. It comes in two different sizes: 30 servings and 60 servings. A price tag to expect on average would be 30-35 bucks for 30 serving container and 47.99-60.00 for 60 serving container (Prices vary based on promotions and companies of which you are purchasing from).

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Just make sure you eat within an hour before consumption of pre-workout.

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I was 16 years old when I took my first pre-workout sample. I had older friends who were graduating and they influenced me enough to try it based on the fact that they seemed to have more energy during their lifts than I did.

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