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Today, basically I just want to go over some tips and tricks and what you should be looking for. Basically, the main thing is to get stronger every week. Stay on that schedule. Try to be as consistent as possible. I don't want to sound like a coach when I say this, but, you know: if you are not doing it, the next guy is. It's either your opponent, or the guy you are competing against for a starting position. So, just stick with it. You're only working out for days per week so bring everything you have to those workouts, and workouts should last 45 minutes to an hour.

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Give yourself a good amount of time to rest in between and make sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating a good meal that has protein and carbohydrates in it. So, like a chicken pasta dish, chicken and rice, something to where it's going to give you energy through the workout. Since were working on your strength, you'll want as much energy as possible.

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You, since it's the off-season, you shouldn't be going practices, so you shouldn't be as drained. And when season comes in, the summer, I will get into an in season work out and your football team might even have something for you. If they don't, I'm gonna get into that.

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It really changes from trying to gain strength and gain power to basically maintaining strength and maintaining power when we get in season. That's the big difference is you are practicing, your burning a ton of calories, out on the field, you're drained. You're kind of banged up. You're not going to lift nearly as much, but you really want to maintain that muscle, so you can keep an edge out there. So, the whole mindset completely changes during in season. And there's a whole different way to go work out.

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So, I'm going to go through that when we get to season. Right now, it's just the off-season, so make sure you're getting plenty of sleep. Sticking to the routine is the main thing. You're really working at increments here. So, you're going to want to stick with it. Again, if you're not going to the next person is. So, to stick with a routine. Try not to miss if at all possible.

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Make sure your testing your strength once a month with test - with the bench press, squat, military and the bentover rows. And test out your strength, and go from there. So, really, all those things put them all together and you have an off-season, you're going to come back stronger, faster and hopefully better then the year before.

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The important goal is to get stronger every week and stay consistent.

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