How to shoot a floater in basketball

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Step 1

First thing you want to do is practice your take-off. In order to master the floater you must have the ability to get a good amount of momentum while heading towards the hoop under control at the same time.

Step 2

In order to do this, practice jogging toward the hoop from the just outside the 3 point line to just inside the free throw line and jump from both feet. Make sure you plant your feet well so you can gently lift off the ground for the shot.

Step 3

Next you want to practice dribbling the basketball while jogging and jumping in the paint. Once you have the running and dribbling down, all that is left is the shot.

Step 4

When shooting a floater it is very different than a regular jumpshot. You don't have to have perfect mechanics, worry about your follow through, or using both hands. All you have to do is "shotput" the ball towards the hoop with a high arc.

Step 5

Practice over and over again, especially at different heights. Shotput the ball as if you were open, low arc, and throw it higher incase of a larger defender guarding you, high arc.

Step 6

Once you have it down, it can be a very powerful asset to your skill set. Also try to change your pace as you get better by starting faster and stopping quickly for the floater.

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A difficult area to shoot the floater from is the baseline. This is because there is no backboard to help bank in your shot if you throw it too hard. But don't give up because those floaters are the hardest to defend against.

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The first time I shot a floater in a varsity basketball game, I did not realize how tall the other team's center was and I didn't shoot it high enough. He blocked it right back into my face.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I first started using the floater as a shot when I was in 6th grade and most of the other kids were a lot taller than me. I needed it to get a lot of my close shots up.

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