How to make basketball shoes sticky

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Step 1

Go to a large sporting good store inside of a mall or one that stands alone. They will usually have them in stock, but if not, you can find plenty online.

Step 2

Purchase a sticky mat that has the amount of sticky sheets you find suitable. (Usually sell in 60 and up).

Step 3

Once you get to the gym, unveil your mat and place near your bag, or if you want to share with teammates you can leave in an open space near the court.

Step 4

After opening and having it ready, all you have to do is step repeatedly on the mat until you feel a comfortable level of grip on your sneakers.

Step 5

Go play When playing, everytime you feel as though you are losing a sense of grip or footing, run over and step on the mat again.

Step 6

After you are done playing, the mat may be fairly dirty and not as sticky depending on how much you used the single sheet. Once it loses most of its stickiness, you can pull off the top sheet and throw it away. The next sheet, just like a sticky note pad, will be ready to use immediately.

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If you would like a free and useful method, like most athletes, it would be best to splash some water into your hand and wipe your feet. This has been the original method and works sometimes, but it is not before long that you'll be slipping and sliding again.

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When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I first began trying to have my shoes become more sticky for games when I was in middle school. I first began by constantly wiping my shoes but then moved to products that helped.

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