How to pass a basketball

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Step 1

First you want to get a basketball and a friend if possible. If not, a wall at the rec center would do.

Step 2

Start wih practicing a chest pass. Stand about 10-15ft away from your buddy.

Step 3

Next you want to stand so you are straight up with your legs even spread apart. (As if you were just standing around)

Step 4

With the ball in hands, step forward with either foot whil keeping your other foot planted.

Step 5

While stepping, extend your arms and try and snap the ball to your friend.

Step 6

While snapping the ball, try to finish with your palms facing outwards and your thumbs pointing down. This will put a spin on the ball and make it travel a little faster.

Step 7

Practice getting the step and throwing motion down in one fluid motion.

Step 8

After getting a solid feel for the chest pass, it is time to work on the bounce pass. You can't always use a chest pass because there will be defenders in the way. Using the same mechanics of stepping and finishing with your palms out and thumbs down. The only difference is where you aim.

Step 9

When throwing a bounce pass you want to aim about 3/4 of the way toward your target (partner or teammate). Attempt to make the basketball hit the ground on that exact spot and it will bounce to your teammates waist. (The best area for the bounce pass to finish is above the person's waist but below their chest).

Step 10

Once you get the motion and aiming down for both the chest and bounce pass, try to mix them up and practice throwing them while moving.

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I first started passing the ball properly in about 4th grade. This is when I started playing at higher levels than the average YMCA level.

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