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The first step to making a line up is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your position players both offensively and defensively. The biggest problem is going to be choosing between a solid offensive player or a solid defensive player. Sometime you will have to sacrifice one for the other. Pitchers will always hit 9th in the order, so that will never change. The things that will change are numbers 1-8 in the line-up.

Step 2

The first two hitters in the order are going to be speed guys, who hit for a lot of contact and can bunt. Their goals are to get on base for the guys hitting behind them. The very first batter is the lead-off hitter, and he/she should be the best contact hitter on the team with the best speed. If they are able to get on to start an inning, good things normally follow.

Step 3

The three hitter is usually the best player on the team, with the best offensive skills too. The three hitter is also the best well rounded hitter too. There are the best known players on the team. The four hitter is known as the clean-up hitter, who hits for the most power. There job is to drive in runs. The five hitter is also one of the top overall hitters on the team, and they are in the lineup to protect the clean up hitter from always being walked. The five hitter will get a lot of hits and get a lot of RBI's. This group of hitters (3,4,5 hitters) have the most power and offensive ability on the team. They will win most of the games for you.

Step 4

After you get through the first five hitters, 6-7-8 hitters are normally not as talented with the bat, but provide good defense in the field. The 6-7-8 hitters are known for hitting for contact, but not a lot of power. They can "handle" the bat well and are able to bunt and complete hit and runs. These guys can normally be flipped and put in any spot (6,7,8) but the 8 hitter should have a lot of speed too because they are known as a "2nd" leadoff hitter to get back around to the top of the lineup.

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The higher levels of baseball, the worst pitchers become at hitting that is why they bat last. Up until high school, pitchers can hit wherever their coach sees fit if they are a good enough hitter. 99 percent of the time at the collegiate and professional level, pitchers have become primarily pitchers, and rarely work on hitting. This is why they are not very good hitters, and should hit last in the lineup.

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Once I began playing baseball in high school, every spring we would volunteer at our local Little League and coach one of the younger teams. So we would be responsible for making line ups and pitching rotations. My first time doing this was the spring of 2009.

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