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The first step to buying a bat online is knowing how much you are willing to spend on a baseball bat. Once you know your price range, then the process really gets underway. Next comes the choice of what brand of bat you want and what age level of bat you want to purchase. Typically kids like to use the kind of bat on a year to year basis because they feel comfortable with it. The only thing that will change is the size of the bat as they get older.

Step 2

The top brands are going to be more expensive, and the higher level of bats will be more expensive as well. If you go to any of the top brands websites such as Nike, Rawlings or Demarini you are going to find a huge selection of their own bats to choose from. They will have aluminum, wood, and even fungo bats. They will also have every size possible for you to choose from.

Step 3

Search the brand you want to buy and the dimensions of the bat. Dimensions being 33/30 for high school and college or 31/21 for youth level bats. The first number is the length of the bat and the second number is the weight on ounces. You should know this information and what you want based on your last couple of bats. After you have made a decision, click continue on to check out and enter your payment information and you have purchased a bat.

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Make sure to pay attention to any warranties the bat has with it, or any return policies in case of any problems.

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I first started buying baseball bats online my freshmen year of high school which was Fall of 2009. This was easier to do compared to buying in a store because there was a larger selection and they had good warranties and guarantees.

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