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Step 1

The key to trucking someone is not having big legs, or being stronger, its based on who is lower. The low man always wins. If you want to truck someone drop your hips and shoulders right before you make contact with the opposing player. Be low and be strong. Try to keep your head up when hitting someone. This will limit inure possibilities.

Step 2

Once you have made contact with the opposing player (remember you pad height is lower than theirs) drive through them with your legs. Use short choppy steps as you drive through the other player. Keep your legs moving, don't take long strides for it slows your momentum and slows your contact strength.

Step 3

While your legs are turning and your momentum is caring you through the other player it always helps to stick a hand out or give an extra nudge to put the player down. Push, shove, and do whatever you have too to give you that extra advantage.

Step 4

Trucking someone is more of a mental thing then physical. Have a mean attitude and be relentless when you play and you will truck someone. Technique always helps too. Drop your pad height and repeat the previous steps every time to win the battle.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Keep your head up at all times when playing the game of football. Not doing so will increase your chance to get injured.

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Being trucked is the worst thing. You get smacked and snot comes out of your nose and your head rings. Its not a fun time for the person getting ran over.

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